Interresting sharpening artikel

My chief problem with Juranitch, (aside from the fact that I think he's often contradicted himself and sells some pretty questionable products), is that he totally ignores the proven value of the 'coarse' or 'rough' edge. His book is an interesting place to *start* learning about edges, but it's certainly not the final word. Personally, I think there's more info in Joe Talmadge's Sharpening FAQ or on Steve B.'s excellent web pages.

If you want to try something interesting, after perfecting Juranitch's recommendations for getting a smoothly polished secondary bevel on your favorite work knife, try to cut some hard lay nylon rope. When the knife simply slides over the surface of the rope, take a mill bastard file and put a good rough edge on the knife and see how much it improves the performance of the edge.

Juranitch is right about several things. One of them is that you can use most, (but not all) types of abrasive hones dry, but I don't think he quite enough emphasizes the need to keep them scrupulously clean. If you ever load one up by dry honing, it's almost worse than if you'd been using water all along.