Is Bear MGC good?

Feb 13, 1999
I was looking at knives and I noticed that Bear MGC had some, what appeared to be, good knives for relatively cheap. had some bear balisongs that all looked pretty good. Do they use good metals that won't wear out the hinges on the balisongs fast? Is there a difference in the metal used in hinges on the tanto blade as opposed to the normal blade? I guess that is just about all the questions I have.
In my opinion, they are NOT good quality knives. But, they are generally acknowledged as being the best of the butterfly knives that are still in production (ie. since Benchmade stopped making them), which isn't saying much. Sort of like the world's tallest midget. I haven't paid much attention to them but, on the few that I've handeled, I've noticed that their hinge pins are pretty thin. I'm sure someone else can provide more input.

By the way, our forums' own Mike Turber is supposed to be coming out with his own line of high quality and affordable butterfly knives in the near future.

Although their company reps were very friendly at the last Firearms Expo in NJ, their often imitated products, especially the folders left a lot to be desired. I had few models that resembled the Gerber E-Z outs and they could not hold an edge for even some simple chores. So I gave them away.


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I don't know that this will be particularly useful to you since it sounds like you're mostly interested in the butterfly's and I have no knowledge of them at all, but I've been fairly pleasantly surprised by the quality of a couple of the top of the line damascus Bear products. To be sure, they don't compare to custom damascus knives, but the idea that one can still get a US production damascus and stag knife for under $80 is pretty neat. Both the fixed blades and the folders in the damascus and stag series that I've seen rival that of the Japanese similar production work by folks like Tak Fukata. Actually, I sent back a Tak Fukata lockback because I thought it shoddy. I've got no complaints with the Bear MGC lockback.

As for their non-damascus and butterfly knives I have no knowledge.