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Is the BM ascent really that bad?

Mar 2, 2000
Hi, all. I bought a BM ascent a while ago at a local store having an inventory reduction sale (great price). I haven't used it yet, but I've heard a lot of complaints from quite a few forumites. Does anyone want to stand up for this knife?

EdRozen-On the cutting edge of finding out what the cutting edge is....
I have owned one of each flavour and I think that smaller is better with this series.

The 820 was my favourite, like a slim-profiled delica.

The 830 was pretty nice. With its good steel, I would put it in the league with the old-style Endura, but not quite as refined as the 98 model Endura.

The 840 is awful. The handle is roughly the size of New Hampshire and about as confortable to hold. I don't know what they were thinking...

Of course, this is just my opinion. Of it works for you, it's all good.

Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847
If that's the only problem, great. Actually, I was refering to quality. If they tried scaling up, yeah, it's a mistake, I've found that when a Company scales down it usually works much better. (take a look at Gerber's chameleon series, the large size also suffers.)
A BM 840 was my only bad production knife experience. The blade wouldn't line up and it rubbed so badly it would hardly open (coated blade, BTW). BM sent two others, same problem. To their credit they let me upgrade to an AFCK, a knife I have no problem with.

I didn't have any quality problems with any of mine. The 840 failed some test Mike and Spark put it through some time ago, but that is all I know of. Mine all locked up well, and came with even grinds, decent edges, etc. I wouldn't think you would have any problem.

Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847
I had an 830 once that was basically perfect, no misaligned anything and locked up tight with no failure. Wished I hadn't sold it. I bought it in the military PX for about $30 so was a bargain.

I have 3 830s so far, two of earlier production. With earlier Ascents, the black spring bar would sometime become loose and at one point need to be reinserted into the handles. I fixed mine with a dab of epoxy before reinserting the bar. Today's Ascents have a bump right after the end of the spring bar to prevent this.


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I've had an 830 for a few years & have no complaints. The grind lines are good, the blade is centered in the handle when closed, no blade play, etc. I read Mike's & Spark's spine whack tests in which the 840 failed and I was somewhat concerned. There was no need -- the lock on my 830 held up.


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I bought one of the first 830s. I still have it and use it. Great cutting tool. I didn't care for the handle shape when I first got it, but a little modification made it quite useable. Light, strong, great blade shape. I like it. Given $50, I would probably buy an ATS-55 Endura though, I like the handle shape better.
I bought one of the first 830's, back when they were called the "Eclipse". Since then, I've used it hard and also used it to learn proper sharpening techniques. So far, the knife has held up well and my sharpening techniques are still so-so. If I broke or lost it, I'd buy another. Dave
I have an 825sbt and my girlfriend has an 820fs and they're both excellent knives. I wouldn't buy a larger version, only because an AFCK is a better knife. But for a 2.9" blade the Ascents are excellent. I don't know which version you have, edrozen, but if it's an 840 check the lockup, as I remember they were having problems in the past. Otherwise, it's a good knife, use it.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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In general I agree with Clay's assessment about smaller being better with the Ascent. For some reason, the AFCK's and mini-AFCK's incredible ergonomics did not translate to the Ascent at all. The small, which is the best of the series, I consider acceptable, and the large is atrocious. As a result of this, I stick with the endura and delica for zytel-handled folders.
I've had no problems with my 840. I carried and used it heavily for about a year before making my raven my everyday carry. Still a great knife. I have large hands so the handle actually feels better in hand than that of my AFCK.
Anoyone who has tested the drop-point version yet? It looks kind of nice, wide, flat ground blade in ats34.

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