Is Tuf-Cloth Toxic?

Feb 18, 1999
I have what may be a silly question, but I want to ask anyway. If I apply Marine Tuf-Cloth on a blade, should I then avoid cutting any edibles with that blade? I read the ingredients and it seems it's toxic. Any help on this subject will be much appreciated.
That's a good question, I'd like to hear the answer too (before I call the hospital).

Tuf Cloth contains mineral spirits, which is a mild solvent (somewhat along the lines of turpentine). So I presume that if you wipe your blade with it and use the blade on food, it won't harm you but it may taste a little funny.

Dexter Ewing
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Hahaha, I told you I was a starving college student! (Don't worry, I just bought some more ramen noodles - yum!
The official answer can be found at Sentry Solutions web site FAQ: "· Can I use my TUF-CLOTH treated knife to cut food? None, of Sentry Solutions products are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. TUF-CLOTH's protection bonds to metal surfaces. This bonding reduces the possibility of transferring material to food items that might be cut. If you plan to cut food with a TUF-CLOTH treated blade we suggest that you wash the blade first."