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It's here! Urban Grey/Black Canvas Mags


Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
May 28, 1999
And there's even pictures!




Most awesome knife. The mag handles are quite comfy, and so far the fusion design seems to be the best ever. The pics are true to the actual urban grey color(cept the top one, I did some voodoo on it to improve contrast and highlights), as it appears in real life under decent lighting. The blade is .. bigger... in real life than it looks in pictures, it took me by surprise a wee bit. I'll have some user pics later this week, this will have to do for now :D
i have the gray/black handles and they look green just like yours. unless that is an illussion. Mine are green. Anyway great pics and awesome.:thumbup:
Prolly something to do with the way your monitor is set up, mine is set for adobe SRGB (lcd monitor) and it appears black and washed out greyish.
Nice pics!! Green/Black? Looks great, no matter.

I have the Tan Magnums, and they are more of a darker color, like Rust, which actually look very nice.

Nice Blade color!
Very nice.

I wish my FBM would find its way to Australia sooner rather than later.
Very Cool and thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you don't mind I used some of your pics in the compilation thread

Threadjack homie:

I have the same combo,.. and am really impressed. For such a heavy and larger knife, it really has a gracefull and controllable swing. Most big chopper gain too much momentum and end up torking the wrist with sudden movent changes or course corrections... however, withthe Magnum scales and the ballance of this blade, this is not an issue... I an totally impressed...

And GO GO GO Urban Gray. Not only is it the prettiest, it is also the smoothest finish in the Busse arsenal, so less friction through the 'medium'



Well, it's finally been done. The pic and combo that has finally convinced me that I want one of these. Influenza has cost me 3 days work, that's enough to pay for my last INFI fix and one of these. Is that INFIluenza? No wonder they call it sick.:thumbdn:
That's the same combo I have ordered, card's been billed so hopefully she's on the way! Sweet looking unit!