it's love - mini grip Doug Ritter -- what should I buy next?

Oct 24, 2004
This is my second knife and it is simply awesome. I don't know what it is about the knife -- it seems simple, lightweight, feels good in the hand. Very pretty blade.

Can a Sebenza really be much better?

I am hooked...what should I buy next with my last dollar? :p
May 1, 2002
Use the Ritter for a while and I do mean use it. If it's all you want it to be, then perhaps you don't need another. If you find it does not meet all your needs, than buy against those needs not met by the Ritter. Perhaps a smaller kinfe or SAK to supplement the Ritter... You should make the call, not we who have more knives than we know what to do with. Enjoy the Ritter; it's a fine knife.