IWA'2000 news - I'm just back from this show!

Nov 25, 1999
I'm just back from IWA'2000 gun show in Nuremberg, Germany. Maybe it's something like European Shot Show? I would have to visit Shot Show to compare...
What was new?
  • International Knife Award took place first time on this year IWA! Hope it will become traditional. The knife of the 2000 year was picked out Russian (Basco) custom made Bear knife - really cool classic knife with nicely shaped and engraved blade and handle. I tried to make the photos but this knife was closed into glass showcase on the International Knife Award exhibition and the position in this showcase was not the best for photographing. Unfortunately it's nothing to see on my photos of this knife
    I did the pictures of its "brother" - Wild Boar knife, it's the same design but with damask blade. Saying honestly I like it even more than the Knife of the Year.
  • Kershaw - Ken Onion Boa knife - another "champion" of International Knife Award, in utility folding knife group. Perfectly working opening assist mechanism, flawless operation, very handy. I like more this one in black color, both handle and blade. Should be available probably in May, I'll try to get one and review it here.
  • BENCHMADE Ares model 730, it was its European premiere. Looks, feels and performs excellently, it's a subject for one of reviews I'm planning in the very close time.
  • Another BENCHMADE novelty - very compact but very handy set of torx drivers for each screw on each BENCHMADE knife. No more problems with screw tightening or pivot adjustment!
  • I saw and handled all new CRKT knives - nice designs, excellent quality. I have to think hard to decide which I like more. Maybe Point Guard? Another excellent subject for review, how do you think?
  • Or maybe Mirage Titanium gentleman's knife? It's one of the sweetest knives I whenever saw.
  • SPYDERCO SpydeRench - the most innovative multi-tool I whenever saw and tried. I want to review it very much and I will do it. Minor problem - it has so many functions that I'm afraid this review would be a bit long
  • Another SPYDERCO novelty, prototype Gunting knife with the new locking mechanism. Design is bought from REKAT (it's former Escalator) and is a bit controversial in my honest opinion; one man can like it more, another - less. But locking device is really cool! Sal showed me a section on this knifes trainer version and I was impressed how simple and solid this lock is. It will be available soon - sorry, this moment I can't to say more.
  • TIMBERLINE starts production of the folder with assisted opening. Butch Vallotton designed knife futures new assisted opening cam action lock, AUS-8 bead blasted finished blade and aluminum scales.
It's all so far, when my photos will be ready and I'll look into picked up catalogs to refresh my impressions - I'll update this massage.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
Sounds like a cool show. Too bad you can't divulge any more info on the Spyderco Gunting and the new lock.
Oh well, we will just wait and find out!

Thanks for the info!

As I promised here is an update of my info on IWA'2000:


This is an International Knife Award poster


This is the Wild Boar knife in my hand


This is the Wild Boar knife with case; this case is a state of art as itself.


And here is a cup of International Knife Award


Here is another Award winner, Kershaw Boa folder with non-coated blade and colored handle.


Here is Black Boa; I like it more than previous


Benchmade torx-driver set


Spyderco Gunting, it was exposed and I could to pick it onto the photos and can show it here. The thing I can't show is new lock - it's so simple that I could draw it in some minutes without any photos, on the basic of my memory only. But let's be patient, Sal promised we will see it shortly without espionage and treachery
Thank you Sergiusz Mitin for the pictures especially for the Gunting. It is going to be a long wait.


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God D*AMN I want one of those.

I'll buy it even if he does teach the...
never mind.

Sounds really cool. Emerson Knives is planning on going next year (Hooray!!). It does look like a European SHOT Show. Is the show going to be in Nuremburg again next year?

Derek Russell

Yes, I'm reviewing IWA'2000 in some Polish hunting, security and gun magazines. If you are interested - please let me known; I can e-mail you the scans of my articles when they will be published. Unfortunately I'm not cooperating any Internet gun forums in English, no one person can do all, day and night counts twenty four hours only

IWA is the biggest and the most representative civil gun show in Europe during more than 25 years. Certainly it will take place in the next year! Date is known, it will be in March 09-12, 2001.
It's possible to buy the knives on IWA but it depends on exhibitor's stance: for example Benchmade sold all their knives but Boker - didn't. I can't to be sure about another exhibitors because I didn't try. Think you should contact the sales of your favorite manufacturers to discuss this matter just before next year IWA.

Friends, thanks for you appreciation.
Welcome to next year IWA!

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