IYO .. Buck 110FG as protective carry

Oct 3, 1998
Given the "Gee, do you really carry a knife?" climate we live in I am concidering a "less offensive knife to carry. After some debate I was concidering the good old Buck 110 finger groove. I aquired a Nimravus and really like it but it scares most "normal" people. Also, a fixed blade conceal is illegal in NC. I am concidering carrying the 110 as I do (I mean would like to carry) the Nimravus, EW Micro Harness under a jacket or shirt. This would mean carrying the locking blade as a fixed which can be returned to the pocket at anytime ... and again becomes a "regular" pocket knife. Any suggestions or opinions or helpful words of discouragement.
Don't get me wrong, I like the 110 and I used to carry it daily (Folding Hunter). But, if defense is primary intent, the disadvantage is that it isn't one hand opening.
The idea is that it would be carried as a fixed blade already opened in a shoulder rig.
(Fixed blades are illegal when concealed in NC) then if need be it could be folded and placed in the pocket or in the belt pouch, like when on a military installation (where I work) or in a situation where metal detectors might reveal a fixed blade. The 110 was chosen as it is "socially accepted" as a working blade with no reputation or appearance of being a "Tactical" or "offensive weapon".

Something to consider tho....and realize I'm in California where it would be scrutinized: Would there be any reprecussions, in the event of being searched by an LEO, to a carry rig obviously meant to "skirt" the letter of the law?

If you have considered all the potential reprecussions/questions/hassles....cool.
Given your criteria, then the 110 would be a good choice. And of course..."better judged by 12, than carried by 6".
The whole key is to have the knife in the pocket at the right times.. which would fall under the "being tactically aware" catagory. In situations there is a percieved threat it will be right in my hand!! As far being caught with just the shoulder harness on in a frisk, I do not know what they would say if they figured out that the knife in my pocket fit the thing on my shoulder. I believe all would be okay since it is okay to wear a FB here, but not concealed. In NC it is possible to wear a shoulder harness and FB outside your jacket, of course that is like saying "I dare you to take this knife!". I guess it boils down to liking the EW harness so much, I have worn it (with the BM Nim.) on several occasions and my wife has been oblivious to the fact that I was carrying. The 110FG seemed the likely choice.
With the application of one of those "One Armed Bandit" screw-on thumb studs, a Buck 110 can be turned into an easy one-hand-opener, and even still fits in its sheath (at least mine did, way back when). The 110 can also be opened with one hand using a hard wrist snap, though every specimen varies as to how much force this requires. Back in the days before tactical folders, my daily carry defense knife was an ordinary 110 (sometimes the plastic-handled version, the BuckLite). Even without the screw-on stud, both knives were one-hand openers if I wanted them to be; all it took was a little practice and some oil.


Knowing that we're both Uncle's employees I share your concern about being PC, especially at work. I get away with carrying my Spydie Moran in a slip sheath as well as a good one hand folder like my Genesis I or large Sebenza. On occassion I too like to carry my Buck 110 (I have one with all nickel silver bolsters and another, which I prize, is the DM or damascus - stag model). I have a thumb stud I put on a Gerber Gator but didn't want to go that route on my 110DM, but I wanted a one hander. Yes, Razoredi is right about flipping them but there is a more elegant solution. Go to


where Altassidor has a nifty sheath that allows a smooth one hand draw faster than any other such sheath design I've seen. I have one (the covered model) and use it. Recommended!

Just a little historical note about the 110. Long before there were such things known as tactical one-hand folders, the Buck Folding Hunter WAS the knife of choice for lots of folks for defensive use. And believe me, in the late 60's, a Hell's Angel was rarely seen anywhere without a 110 on his belt (so much for the socially accepted aspect
Anyway, the Buck was umm, say about $40 when I first got one in '72, pretty damn expensive for those days and if you ask me, every bit as good as a Benchmade for $150 nowadays. I know, they're different, but, not really that much in the context of history.
Thanks for the lead on the sheath. Being a resident of JAX NC I am able to visit your Moran Kydex man (Scott Evans of Edge Works) at his shop. Thus I am able to colaborate one on one with my ideas. I approached him about this idea and he was willing to design a open on the draw sheath in kydex for the 110FG (if that is what I use). I am still hung up on the Micro Harness and will probably try to work something around that.
Brian confirmed all that I had heard about the 110 and am anxious to here more, I think most people still see the 110 as a tool more than an assualt knife though.
I just had a look at the Action sheath and it looks really good, does anyone know of any dealers that sell it?? and will send to the UK
Now leaning towards the 112FG as the blade is 3" and will be no hassle on a fed installation. I still want to be able to whip this out even when the boss is around.
Let me (us) know how your projects with Scott go! That action sheath simply has a leather cap at the non pivot end of the folder which keeps it in the sheath as you withdraw it.

The feedback form on that site or kcraw@io.com will get you the distributor (Ken Crawford) who will sell and ship you a sheath. Tell him I referred you there.


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The 112FG is a great knife. I've got one that I retired due to blade wear. You would be amazed at how fast you can pull these out of a sheath and open the blade. I used to use thumb pressure near the nail nick to flick mine open. I didn't really practice speed, it just happened after a few years. I'd probably still carry a Buck if multi-tools and one-handed knives hadn't appeared.

Thanks Bob, I have have dropped him a mail so hopefully he will be able to sort something out.

If you come to the attention of law enforcement so that you are emptying your pockets and/or being frisked, the circumstances are not all that friendly in the first place, so there's always the risk that a cop would decide that evidence that you sometimes carry that Buck 110 in the form of a concealed fixed blade is a good enough reason to take you downtown and let the DA decide if any code section was actually broken or not.

In CA, which is not NC, of course, the statute defines a folder carried with the blade locked in the open position as a "dirk or dagger" that one may not carry concealed. One could make an arguable case that any carry rig that opened the blade in the act of drawing it, so that it comes out of its container already open and not requiring another affirmative act to open it, would also count as a "dirk or dagger."


Buck 110. For me, this venerable knife was the father of defensive folders. It's just that... the handle is slippery. The handle design isn't conducive for defensive work either. And EVEN though it may seem to be more PC, when placed in a quick-draw sheath of any kind, that PCness is lost.. especially for those LEOs who may be checking you out for other reasons.

One thing is for sure though. I really like the idea of the lockback release being placed all the way back of the handle. As far as I know, this is the safest lockback mechanism for a defensive folder and I wish more people would use it.
I had considered the handle being a poor choice and was hoping to compensate by buying the FG model which is Finger Grooved.