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James Lucie Hunter

Mar 22, 1999
Just today got a UPS with this unbelievable Scagel style Hunter. (only a 3 year wait!!)
What a piece!! Balance, finish, sheath, all impeccable.

Don't have the guts to deer hunt with mine yet, but I was wondering if the Scagel/Lucie's are as slick of a cutter as they say (with the convex edge)? If anyone has experience using or collecting Lucie's or Scagels, please let me know!



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Congrats. It sounds like a wonderful acquisition. Any chance you could scan in a picture for us?

Semper Fi

Congrats on your terrific acquisition - should serve you well for many a moon! Don't have a Lucie/Scagel but have 3 Scagel hunter/ skinners by P. J. Tomes and they are wonderful - would assume Dr. Lucie's would be as good. Scagel had the most beautiful curves in his blades & they do cut extremely well as made by P. J.. Don't think you have to worry a bit - you just need to go out & use the knife - honestly you can not fully appreciate a knife like that until you use it & experience just how well it handles & cuts. Picture would be great! enjoy!