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Japanese knife subcontractors


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Dec 25, 1998
Question: The Japanese factories that Cold Steel, Spyderco, and others use are subcontractors, right? Is it possible that the same plants make these knives? I know they are made to the specifications of the companies, but is it possible that the same craftsmen make knives for more than one manufacturer?
Ever see a Katz Alley Kat and a Junglee Hatori Fighter? Yeah, it's possible alright. Do I know which are doing that? No, unless it's obvious like the above example.


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Shootist - Yes, you are correct in that there is more than one knife company partnering with the same Seki City makers.

There are fewer makers that are able to make "Spyderco quality" consistantly. There are more than can produce "lesser quality" pieces.

Since they have been doing this for many years, learning also occurs from each other, so similarites are common. The makers also use many of the same subcontractors themselves, also demonstrating similarities. Hope this helps.

... such as Cold Steel's Master Hunter and Fallkniven's F1, for instance...
Two words...... Moki and G.Sakai

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Moki and G. Sakai make good knives under their own names too, many of which are not regularly imported to the USA, though now and then some good stuff has gotten into the Ironstone catalog. Is there such a thing as a source for the whole lines?

If I read the above right, the two pairs of
"obvious examples" of knives made at the
same place only lists knives which
<strong>look</strong> the same. But that's not
really an indication the same makers are
involved. (The F1 blade for example has been
made in Germany too.) If you're looking for
a subcontractor, isn't it quality you're
looking for rather than experience with
making something similar to your product?

I mentioned the example I did because I was fairly certain I had read that the maker of both blades was, indeed, the same. I can't speak for these other examples.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
G.Sakai and Moki knives have been imported by Spyderco for the past ten years. The general market was not purchasing these excellent pieces, primarily because of the higher prices.

Ironstone began carrying the two lines last year. At this time, Ironstone Golden will probably cease to exist and the location will become a Spyderco factory outlet. This outlet will continue to carry both G.Sakai and Moki brands (along with Crhis Reeve, Owen Wood and Randall).

G.Sakai will be coming out with some custom designs over he next year. For the next while, they will only be available through Spyderco's store or through their direct Net site (at full retail).

There are many excellent makers in Seki besides G.Sakai and Moki. Hope this helps.