JAR JAR shoulda been light saber mush

Apr 30, 1999

I know this is not quite appropriate and the topic is a little old but bear with me . Am I the only one who wishes Darth Maul had used his force powers to fry jar jar . or maybe they coulda' had obi-wan Kenobi swing the Light saber at a battle droid but miss and take of jar jar's head ! I mean he (jar jar) is the reason the critics thought the movie stunk . he ruined the script [not that it was great in the first place] and he frightens small children . example . mommy I'me afraid of Jar jar Binks . Mom: we all are honey! The movie was fun but Jar Jar should be condemned .
and why the devil wasnt he carrying a knife!! he should have a dive knife or something considering his species..... if the search function was working you couldve resurected the old starwars threads wherin we bashed Jar Jar
Well, I for one liked Jar Jar, I thought he added a little humor to the movie. The original 3 had strange creatures in them that probably could have been done without but to me they all helped the movies. I know everybody who saw the movie wanted more action, but realize George Lucas is trying to lay the ground work for the entire story. Remember these movies are fantasy, and surely we are not all so caught up in the tactical mind set that it ruins our movie going. You want mindless violence with no humor and no plot then go watch universal soldier or some crap like that. I only hope Mr Lucas does not let the critics influence him to the point of taking all his extra creatures out of his movies. I for one think he did a wonderful job with the movie and will buy it when it comes out on video. The opinions expressed in this mini review may not reflect the opinions of bladeforum members or the management, but they should

Y'all should go to Cinematopia.com and see what I wrote about Senór Binks in my review of SW Episode 1... It isn't very pretty, but I think it's a pretty good review.

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Whoa that was wierd. I had two windows open, one BF and one Cinematopia and I couldn't figure out where I was!

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The movie could have been alot better. I would have liked it more if they hadnt mentioned who Anakin's dad was instead of the "I got pregnant by the force" garbage. I also would have liked it if they had not tried to explain the force and what it is. You know the symbiote thing. Also Darth Maul didnt have a big enough part in the movie. But Jar Jar just about ruined the movie for me. He should have been taken out by Darth Maul for sure. But i do want a lightsaber.


I thought my dad had a very good perspective on it. He said, "What's with the midichlorians? I don't recall Obi-Wan jabbing Luke, pulling out a tricorder, and then saying, 'Either you're strong in The Force or you have a prostate condition.'"

For my $0.02, I think in Episode II Jar Jar should be a wookie, and everyone should act as if nothing was different about that.


I saw a light saber, with certificate of authenticity, five or six years ago for sale at a movie memorabilia store in Florida. The price was more than I could afford at the time. I think it was $400 or 500. But batteries were not included nor could the store owner tell me where, or when, I could get some.

About Universal Soldier: Don't be blinded by the fact that it starred JCVD and DL, and don't blame the plot for going over your head. It was actually a pretty good example of what makes science fiction a fun genre when it's executed decently. And BTW, there actaully wasn't much violence in that movie, beyond what was necessary to tell the story.
Regarding Universal Soldier, at least the first movie, I thought it was more like an action - comedy type movie than a fulblooded action movie. Dolph Lundgren defenitely blew JC of the screen (acting wise that is). I still have to wait about a month and a half before Star Wars episode I arrives at the cinemas in my country, but I already hate that Jar Jar!


I'm just happy there's a new episode. If people thought Civil War instead of Star Wars when I tell them I keep a light saber* behind the seat of my truck they'd be apt to get nervous.

*OK, so it's a Light Cavalry Saber... when you live near the rez, you never know when you're gonna have Indin trouble. LOL