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Jens Anso Personal Sheepsfoot

Oct 9, 1998
Several months ago Jens posted looking for some Americans to review his knives as he is trying to break into the handmade market here. I replied and after some negotiations we agreed that I would review one his personal size knives with a sheepsfoot style blade. I am going to do two different reviews, this being the first. The second will be done after I have carried and used the knife for at least two weeks. First I have to say that Jens has been a pleasure to deal with. He was always quick to answer email questions and kept me apprised of the knifes status. The only delay was due to us trying to decide a suitable way to get the payment to him in Denmark. He promised the knife in mid June and it arrived on July 1st. Given the bank caused delays, he was right on time with his delivery date.

The knife comes with several carry options to say the least. I have a Nealy Aikuchi and in my humble opinion, Jens' carry system is more complete and his kydex work is better finished. The knife came with the following carry methods:
horizontal belt clip
vertical belt clip
kydex flap (for hanging upside down in boot or jacket pocket)
a piece of kydex specifically design to attach to a D-ring
a nylon strap that is worn over one shoulder and attached to the belt in the front and back, with a kydex plate to attach the knife sheath. This strap comes with 2 snaps to form one belt loop and slide adjuster for the other.
The kydex work is very well done with no sharp edges or corners. The sheath is formed very tightly to the knife. The set comes complete with 6 stainless screws for attaching your favorite carry method.

The knife itself is nice piece that can best be described as "really neat." I chose Damasteel for the knife. Damasteel is a manufactured damascus that is supposed to have very similar qualities to ATS34. It can be seen at www.damasteel.se. The pattern is rose and is very nice. The fit and finish on this knife is outstanding. The only other fixed blade maker I know of who finishes using knives this well is RJ Martin. This is not surprising since Jens claims RJ has been an influence on him. The handle scales on this knife are tan G10 with stainless steel pins and a lanyard hole. The whole package is very nicely finished. The blade is (obviously) a sheepsfoot right at 2 1/2" long with a 2" cutting edge. There is a hole drilled into the blade btween the cutting edge and the handle. This knife is designed as a daily carry utility piece and I have found it works best with the handle in the palm and the thumb and forefinger grasping the hole. The knife came to me razor sharp. I have the proverbial bald spot on my arm to prove it. So far I have only opened a couple of envelopes and cut a piece of paracord with the knife, no problems with either. I also tried slicing 1" strips off of a piece of notebook paper and the knife did that with ease.

I will finish the review in 2 weeks after I have had a chance to carry and use the knife more as well as performing some basic cutting tests. I will try carrying several different ways and report back on those as well. Thanks for reading.
Jens Ansoe has much promise as a knifemaker. I recently spent a busy afternoon with him when he visited on what I believe was a school trip. Watch out for him when he really gets his shop set up and gets going! He has a great eye for style, and, is obviously a talented craftsman, considering how well made his knives are and how little equipment he has to work with right now.

RJ Martin
I have ogled Jens' knives on his website several times. He makes some really cool designs, and judging by the pictures at least, does some awesome finishing touches. If he was in the States he's be making a good living right now! ;-)

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels
Waiting for the postal service to get payment through to him for one I ordered awhile back. I can hardly wait to get the knife! The banks here have no clue and wanted to charge a fortune to do a transfer.


Tom Carey
Now you're just making the wait all that much harder! There is a personal drop-point on it's way to me, also in damasteel, but with carbon fibre handles. Don't worry, I'm also part of the review team, so you'll be hearing a bunch about it.

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)


If you check out the big false hunter he did it is for me
I encountered the same hassles when it came time to pay him. (not from Jens but from the EVIL bank
) I am still waiting on the check to get to him. Can't wait to try it out.

See it here http://home6.inet.tele.dk/ansoe/ansoknives/fe.htm

There has to be an easier way. In fact I am working on just that rite now to make my new business venture work over seas. I may offer a service to BF members as well to get payments to makers over seas a lot faster and for a lot less money. That is not the focus of the business but I should be able to do that as well.


Tom Carey

The wait is killing me......

Jens put a picture up on his site and my knife just sits there taunting me. I should probably take it down as my wallpaper if I don't want to stare at it so much.

Damn Banks

I hate banks and all their evil little ways.

If you do come up with a better way let us know how and I'm sure to try it.


Aromatic custard drippin from a dead gods eye... My my may I have seconds please since you are the Eggman