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Junglee fixed blades


Apr 16, 1999
Hi folks

Any thought on Junglee fixed blades, please? Like in their tactical gurkha and tac drop point, Aus 8 and taflon coated, look good to me. I prefer stainless steel, and wonder how well Junglee performs when compared with Kabar or cold steel.
Thanks (I miss search function)
We used the Tactical Drop Clip Jr., or whatever it's called, in the jungle for 2 weeks. - I love the piece! Easy to re-sharpen, held an edge well, fits your hand like a glove, and one of the best little skinng pieces I've used. Handle was unaffected by DEET. We have a review up on our site. - Jeff

Randall's Adventure & Training

I have the Waterloo and I love it. It is very well finished,perfect grind lines and very sharp.It's a light knife for a 7" blade but well balanced.This model is double edged with 2" of serrations on each side. The textured rubberized handle has horizontal slots cut out and your fingertips fall naturally into these slots in both the forward and reverse grip. If the other models stackup as well I think you'll be happy with a Junglee.

Ray Carr