Just got a REKAT Pioneer

Nov 11, 1998
This knife can be expressed in one word "WOW!" This is the most impressive piece of cutlery i have even seen. It puts my mini AFCK and Spyderco Wegner to shame. This may not be the smoothest knife out there, but when it comes open and the lock is engaged, the feel is that of a very strong fixed blade. Now,I'm not going to put this knife through any of the torture tests that others have described before because the $90 I paid for it is a lot of money for me, but I can tell right away that the strength of this knife is worlds away from liner locks. My mini AFCK feels fragile, almost like a toy, next to it. I really like the open construction, the smooth G-10, the locking mechanism (will take a while to get used to, but it's easy to work with one hand), and esecially the way the knife feels perfectly at home in my hand. Neither AFCK nor Wegner (these are the only other great knives I own) have this "extension of the hand" feel to them.The only problem i have with this knife is it's weight, which will not allow me to carry it every day. The knife is actually a little shorter than my mini AFCK, but it feels about three times bigger, and weights a lot more.Still, I think I'll be carrying this one a lot now, just for the quality and great feel in the hand. I also like the wide drop point blade quite a bit. Makes the knife feel extremely solid. Overall, I can say that I'm deeply impressed by this item. Stregth of a fixed blade, amazing comfort in the hand, useful blade style, and it fits in my jeans pocket!

(I also posted this review over at knifeforums.com)
Hi Tim, the knife sounds great but would you mind telling me what brand it is, I'm new to all this but I can look at the knife if I know the brand name.

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Coho61: REKAT is the brand (Round Eye Knife And Tool)

Tim: Right there with you buddy. I just traded a drop point Pioneer -- loved it but it was half-serrated, so I decided to pass it on to a toothy knife fan and get myself a plain edge one. Love the lock -- solid, easy to use -- feels like a fixed blade! I find it the perfect size. Great handle ergonomics as well. I actually like the weight. It is heavy, but not unwieldy.

Haven't found the money to buy an new one yet, but it will probably be the next knife I buy.

I liked the drop point, but am thinking about the clip point. Anyone have any ideas on that?

Also, and I am not a hunter so mt opinion probably doesn't mean much, but I think the swept point model looks like it would be an excellent skinner. Thoughts?

I have to agree with every observation you made on your new knife.
I like the Pioneer so much that I own two (clip & drop point) and my brother has one.
The only other folder out there that even comes close to the lock strength of the REKATs is the Sebenza, and I'm certain it would fold first under extreme conditions.
Be patient, your Pioneer will smooth out with use. Just open and close it a hundred times or so, and keep the action oiled.
You can also adjust the blade tension with the two screws forming the blade pivot. I'd wait until you break it in first, though.
I'm glad that the Pioneer also fits your hand. It's very natural feeling in my hands, particularly when the clip is removed.
Glad you like yours, and your enthusiastic post is evidence.
Later, Bill
Did you guys buy the Pioneer at an online cutlery store? If so, which one. I've been to several of the usual places and didn't see it listed.

I went to the REKET website - the Pioneer looks great. Just the right size too. I'm with you guys - a little heft makes the knife feel sooooooo solid in the hand. Just may have to put this on my list....

Any suggestions on good online places to buy REKATs? Thanks.
I got all three of the Pioneers from the fightingknives.com auction. They tend to show up there regularly, and go for around $80.
Pioneer Valley is the only other web-dealer I can think of.
Finally, a few have shown up lately at very reasonable prices right here under "knives for sale".
Lots of luck shopping.
Yeap, I got mine at FightingKnives.com as well. Mine is the Drop point BlactT version, and I paid just under $90 including the shipping. It's sold at the Knife Auctions by PV Knife, which is the only dealer on the net that has Pioneers at any given time as far as i know. If you want the most reliable knife in the world in your pocket, go for a Pioneer! After having handled this one, I'm afraid to play with my liner locks -- I fear they might break!

Tim, How is the black-t on those? Is it like Birdsong's or more like Benchmade's? I am thinking of getting the coated one on my next Pioneer.


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I'd say BlactT on Pioneer is very similar to that on my mini AFCK. It looks a little bit lighter and not quite as smooth as BM's BT2. I'm not an expert in this matter, but it looks like the coating on REKATs is good stuff. I tried cuting a few things like wood and cardboard with my knife, and i see no traces or scratches on the coating. I think it may even be a bit tougher than the type BM uses.

The REKAT knives are very cool....

I have two Swept. right and left, and carry them all the time.

Thank Heavens for Carhartt and screwdriver pockets...

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REKAT knives are also available from Cove Cutlery in Rhode Island, http://www.covecutlery.com.