Just got an Oyabun - I love Cold Steel!

Dec 16, 1999
Well, all this recent talk about Cold Steel-hating re-kindled my lust for a CS tanto of some sort, but the budget could only handle something lower-end, like a Kobun. So, off to a local dealer I went, prepared to fork out pretty much full retail for one.

Upon my arrival, of course there were no Kobun, but a nice 7 1/2" Oyabun was available. I picked it up and examined the near flawless grinds, and even satin finish, enjoyed the heft of of the blade in my hand and was immediately sold. This knife makes me really regret buying my SOG Mini Tsunami a few weeks back. It was around $50 less, but looks like a "Stainless China" POS next to my Oyabun. Uneven grinds, useless serrations, horrid finish, and the spine of the blade was not even square. The Oyabun was worth every cent of the (probably inflated) price that I paid for it. No question.

I have owned a CS folder in the past, and found the lock to be realy solid and the edge to be wicked sharp but I don't buy Zytel anymore. My Voyager clip broke and that was the last straw... CS should make some real folders with metal liners clips and maybe I'd buy one.

However, if this Oyabun is indicative of their fixed blades, I will certainly be adding many more of them to my ever-growing hoard of sharp things. I already find myself lusting after the 9 1/2" Oyabun so I can build a little two-level stand to display the duo...

So, do I hate Cold Steel?

Hell No!


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Yeah, Cold Steel has good quality FBs. But what I realized is that I don't use them at all. I've had Kobuns, a Sgian Dubh, a Bush Ranger, and none of them really did it for me. They're well made, very sharp, but the overall design just doesn't fit my needs. I think they're designed mostly for concealed self-defense carry, and I've found they're not really any good for utility use. On the other hand, I really like my LTC Kukri, and use it all the time.

I guess I don't really use my Oyabun for anything besides "show and tell" and "cutting air" either. (Both legitimate pusuits IMO.) I only really need a fixed-blade knife for use in the kitchen, since I'm a city dweller and legally (read openly) carrying one like my Nimravus or Oyanbun is not PC.

BTW the Oyabun is way nicer than the Kobun. Thicker blade stock, longer, fatter handle, and nicer blade finish. Quality leather sheath too. The Kobuns that I have handled looked like they were not taken to as high a polish as the Oyabun. Grind lines perpendicular to the spine/edge were evident over the entire blade surface. This may have been done intentionally in order to mitigate the inevitable scratches that will occur with the concealex sheath...

The reason why many people do not like Cold Steel (or Ontario's Spec Plus) or other rubber handled knives, is because the handles fall apart after hard use and DEET makes them flake. The blades on Cold Steels couldn't get much better, but the handles need major improvement. Just my opinion.