Just ordered my new Strider!

Jan 29, 2000
Well I went and ordered my new Strider MH with green cord wrapped handle and tiger stripe finish as seen in American Handgunner. I can't wait for the knife to come in, 6 months, but when it does I'll be sure to give a review. Any other MH model owners out there to tell me what they think of theirs? Others have said they think $325 is alot for this knife but I've seen knives that wouldn't hold up to a tenth of the use or were just made different just to be different and turn out ugly and useless but they were made by "custom" knife makers so they charge much more than Strider. Does it make them worth it? I don't think so. This is a hard use knife and I can't wait to get it and use it.

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You called it just fine. If you want a hard use knife the Strider is the one. Don't worry about the guys who think they can build a better mousetrap for far less money,they can't. You are buying a proven product with an excellent track record and a lot of very satisfied customers who are in the business of trying to break everything they get their hands on. Trust me you'll love it.
I have thought that Strider was a little overpriced and have had plans to build my own take on the WB model.I e-mailed the guys at Strider to let them know what I wanted to do and the changes I wanted to make and pretty much wanted to make sure I wasnt stepping on any toes.Those guys were incredibly kind,gave me encouragement and steered me in Paul Bos' direction for the heat treat.Even told me if I had specific questions they would help me as time permitted.These guys are a class act.(I'm sure the last thing a knife company wants is some dork telling them he intends to make a knock off of their product.)I am very impressed by the responses from the company on MDP's WB thread.All in all Rob,I can't see how you could go wrong buying from these people.They seem to know their customers and how to keep them happy.I have yet to see a bad word about the products or the company and its practices from anyone who owns one of their knives.I'm even starting to think of scrapping the plans for my knockoff and saving some cash to get a real one.Maybe it will be my entire knife budget for next year.I guess I could do a lot worse for $325.Please post a writeup as soon as you get your knife.
Just a quick response Ben, I have seen others try this before (I'll just send it to Paul, and a miracle will happen) with less than the desired results. I know that the Striders look pretty simple, but trust me, they wouldn't have such a loyal following from all the people that alot of other makers claim they are the official knifemakers to (SEALS, Recon, SF. various SWAT units), if their knives didn't perform. I own a whole lot of very high quality blades, and the money spent on the Striders is the best cash I have ever laid down. I am not questioning your knife making ability, but you may want to spend the money on the real deal, with all the R&D already done, especially if they'll do it the way you want it. I have a feeling that Strider is getting ready to explode in popularity, this may be great investment as well. Good Luck either way.

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