KA-BAR D2 Extreme scan & first impression

Oct 3, 1998
Here's a scan of my first and only, so far, specimen of the KA-BAR:


And two views in the closed position:


The blade is a useful hollow ground utility pattern, though I'd like to see a plain edge option in that shape, as opposed to the Tanto and Spearpoint "tactical" blades. The action is very smooth, with a very good ball bearing detent. The handle seems comfortable. I don't think I'd want to try poking the knife hard into something resistant, but for cutting it should be very useful.

Two glitches in this statistical sample of one:

1) The clip doesn't touch the handle where it should be gripping the pocket, so it wouldn't have a very good grip except on very thick cloth. This might be curable by unscrewing the clip and bending it just so.

2) I tried a light spinal tap test, and it passed, but then I noticed (and I don't know if it was this way before the spinal tap) that the blade wiggled a litte, up-down and sideways. A slight turn of the pivot screw got rid of the sideways wiggle, but it looks like it will have to go back to KA-BAR for the longitudinal wiggle, unless I can find somebody who wants to buy it cheap and deal with warranty service at his own leasure.

"Murphy" works in many different knife companies.

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I have with a spear point blade and plain edge. Same problem with the clip. No play passed after passing a spine whack test. I also feel that the liner is a bit thick and it is difficult to unlock. Did you notice that on the one you have James? The great thing is that the blade has not opened up in my pocket like so many liner locks have.


Tom Carey
Ah! James you have satisfied my curiosity. Perhaps you can follow up on how the handle feels after a bit of use, if you are intending to. And maybe how the steel holds up.Thanks.


PS- is Bob receiving royalties?
My curiosity had me preordering a spear point model and when it finally arrived, I was impressed only with the blade itself. Very sharp as well as good looking.

The thumb stud had sharp edges, almost burr-like and I had to take them down with a file. Either that, or my thumb just hasn't developed calouses there yet!

I'm glad to add it to my collection but I think it's priced about $50 higher than it's worth - for whatever that's worth!!

All the best, and have
fun collecting!

Sorry to keep Harping on this knife, but it looks like effort was made to develop a thumb-disc that was not ambidextrous. Why? I realize an ambi-disc wouldn't clear the handle as it is now, but that would have been a tiny adjustment earlier in the design process.

I too am curious if Dozier is getting the money he should, and if so why they haven't put his name on the knife and in giant letters down the blade.