Keating's videos/ GA, PA, NC knife laws?

Dec 28, 1998
Since good, realistic knife training is almost impossible to get here in Austria, I am about to order COMTECH/James Keating's
Pushdagger video. How would you rate it- and Keating's videos in general? I already have both Marc McYoung videos and since I carry a SafekeeperI, I would like to order this video
and not a more general one.

My second question concerns laws: My brother is going to travel to the USA to visit our friends in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Asheville, N.C. ( and to shop 'til he drops
) . Could somebody tell me if it is legal for a foreigner to carry OC spray and/or an 4" AFCK there? I have heard of a 3"
limit in Atlanta- is this true? Are there any places ( schools, bars, etc. ) where you are absolutely forbidden to carry a knife?
Thanks in advance!
I can shed alittle light on the NC laws.

**Disclosure: I am not a lawyer or police officer. I am going by my limited knowledge of NC knife laws.**

The law, as I understand, allows you to carry a folding knife with a blade 4 inches or less. The blade must fold into the handle and be completly covered by the handle(technically, the K.I.S.S knife is illegal, I think
). So the full sized AFCK should be okay. I wouldn't carry it into any schools(public or private) or into any government buildings(state or federal). I carry OC spray, but I do not know the exact law. I know its not illegal to carry, and thats about all.
You cannot carry a fixed blade concealed in NC. You can carry openly, but I don't, and haven't seen too many doing it. Thats about all I have. Hope it helps.
Hmmmmm...1600 or so people on this forum and none of them live in Georiga, or Pennsylvania. Oh well.