Ken Onion Prototype (pics) Super Cool, Super Bad

Oct 3, 1998
Fellow forumites: the following is a message I am posting for Dave Fitzgerald. He would like to share with us some pics of a radical new Ken Onion folder. Simply awesome! Any comments or further questions can be sent to him at . Thanks for the pics Dave! -Dexter Ewing




Lucky me.

What do you guys think of this knife. It's a prototype for Ken's new Millenium designs.

I love it. That's an understatement. Have you ever seen a blade like this on a folder?

The blade is 3.5" and the titanium handle measures just under 4.5".

I can't stop playing with it. The speed safe mechanism opens the blade with authority. Did you notice that it does not have a thumb stud? Just press the finger guard when the knife is closed and SNAP.

Besides the awesome look I can't get over the way it feels in my hand. I have a fairly large hand and it feels so natural and secure. Not to mention the added protection of the guard.

Oh yea, how do you like it?


Big Dave


Really cool looking knife.
Any clues as to what type of steel will be used on production knives?
Very cool! Would I be wrong in assuming that just withdrawing the knife against the back of the pocket would depress that guard enough to set the speed-safe machanism in motion? That looks like it could be faster than a Commander!


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
That looks similar to the khukuri folder Bill posted a picture of in the HI forum months ago. Looks interesting, what's the thickness? The recurve looks to be a bit too steep for general utility but should perform highly in some areas. One thing is for sure, anyone having problems sharpening the Axis should stay clear of that.


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One thing about Ken, he's a hell of a designer. I'm not entirely impressed with his liner locks, but everything else is top notch. If I could ask Ken to do one thing, it would be this: find a new lock type, or license the axis or rolling lock, that would take your knives to the next level.

Other than that, this design is awesome. I love the opening mechanism. I love the handle shape. The blade shape is super cool, but I'll second Cliff's comments -- people are having fits over sharpening the BM Axis, and those people will find it nearly impossible to sharpen this new blade from Ken. Sounds like this knife is just one in a series, though; if so, hopefully Ken will put in a blade with more point and less of a recurve in one of the models. I think a more pointed blade with a forward rake would really complement the handle lines.

Great knife! thanks for sharing it with us.
I second Joes opinion, very nice design, the knife for sure looks cool and seems to be very ergonomic.

A couple of things I noticed:
The five slots in the spine point the wrong direction. To give the thumb a better retention in a forward thrust, the ridges should point towards the thumb and not away from it. Besides that they are too thin and deep. They give the blade unnecessary stress points and are potential spots for rust since they seem to collect all kinds of gunk.

Another strange thing is the finger guard which is sticking out on the back when the knife is closed. I understand that it used for the speed action opening, but it also gives me some concern for pocket wear. Not only will that sharply grooved guard wear your pocket out in not time, I wonder what happens when you sit down and put some pressure on the out sticking guard. From what I heard the speed action is very sensitive and quick, could the knife accidentially open in your pocket?

I wish I could handle it, it's hard to get a real impression from a picture.

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Wow that knife just left my shop two days ago and it's already up, thats cool!
I just designed that knife two weeks ago andliked it so much I had to clear my work bench and build one. It doesn't have a name yet maybe you guys can help with that,any ideas? This knife is a part of a brand new series of knives for the millenium so far there about six new models and i'm not done designing for this series yet maybe two or three more, all your old favorites with attitude and a touch of testosterone.
The slots in the blade are purely aesthitics, there are more in the thumb recess those are for thumb traction. No I have had no problem with the knife opening in my pocket which was a big concern for people when they first saw speed safe, correct me if i'm wrong but i've never had anyone say that that has ever happened,nor has it ever happened to me.
The handle is titanium and the blade is 440-c however I'll use the more exotics also 440v-420v talonite- stelite6k etc...Thanks for all the kind comments you guys are a class act.

Aloha!! Ken
Now you did it Ken!!! You just stepped onto the A-list for my next folder.

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I want one! When will they be availble?

If the knife feels and handles as good as it looks, call it AWESOME!
The blade shares some similiarities to the Emerson Commander. But yes, it is a pocket khukuri!

I got a few questions. First, how do you open it? Second, if the blade closes by pressing the finger guard, doesn't it seem a little risky?

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Mr tallwingedgoat It's a regular liner lock and you open it by depressing the flicker in the back of the knife then "speed safe" kicks in and completes the opening cycle.
Ken, That is a beautiful knife! Very "aquatic" looking. Given the run of sea creature names in knives lately you might consider Sand Tiger, Mako, Great nauseum. Let us know how much and when!
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Great looking knife Ken! I've got a name for it- how about the "Centurion"!


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I like these knives and I own a Random Task, but I am apprehensive over whether or not it would be considered a switchblade. My state, Louisiana, has a very loose interpretation as to what constitutes a switchblade, and I suspect other states laws are like that too.