Kerhsaw Random Task


Jan 6, 1999
I just received one a few minutes ago, Overall the knife seems quite pleasing. Easy to open, good blade design, very sharp. Can someone do an indepth review of this knife? Over all first impression is that it is a good quality knife, although retail of $175 seems a bit high. I have heard that they are going for about $80.00 with dealers. Thanks

I recieved my random task form PVKT about 3 weeks ago. I really like the blade, it hasnt gotten dull yet, I think it is the nicest and least scary looking knives I own, but I just dont trust it to open all the time. When I first got it it opened super fast, but had so much play in the blade, I could just twist it and pry the liners apart, I tightened the pivot screw, where I thought it was moderately tight, and the thing almost refused to open at all. So I loosened it enough to let it open fully all the time, THere was a ton of blade play still, eventually after lots of lubing, and working the action on it, it is satisfactory to me, but I just don't really trust the lock for some reason. My other complaint is I have one of the old models, and the thumb stud is so rough!!! I have never had any problems with any other knife, but after the first 30 openings, my thumb was sore, and after 50 I had a big hole in my thumb, and was bleeding. Also the thumb stud tends to catch on my pants, when I pull the knife out.
The one I received is extremely tight no blade play. Opens smoothly with authority, although I have only had it for a few hours now, I am itching to go out and cut a few things and see how this CPM 440 steel really performs. I have tried the whack the back of the blade test and the lock held. Also tried to force it closed with both hands.
Thank goodness it held. Seems quite secure right now. I guess time will tell how it holds up through its "breaking in period". I will post any problems that I might encounter in the future. I believe that if there are any Kershaw will take care of them.