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Kershaw, Ken Onion, & Tantos?

Aug 4, 2000
Okay, I admit it! I sometimes have almost as much fun opening and closing my knives as I do using them - and so far, nothing is more fun to open and close than my Kershaw Ken Onion Blackout. The thing just rockets out of the handle! I also like the safety feature that provides resistance when you close the blade; haven't even come close to nicking my finger yet. I know the steel is only 440A, but at least it really comes shaving sharp from the factory. I also found their customer service to be very good; I recently messed up the tip pretty badly (a novice sharpening mistake), and they sharpened the entire blade and shipped it back for free under warranty.
Now, how about this for a hot combination? A Ken Onion Speed-Safe Tanto blade in either BG-42 or CPM3V, textured G-10 handles with an index finger notch to grip, and some kind of secondary lock, a la the Lake and Walker safety lock...
What do you think?

(Ken, if you're out there - how about it?)