Kershaw LEFT HANDED speed safe out??


May 31, 1999
Kershaw knives is supposed to come out with a left-handed version of it's Ken Onion's "speed safe" mini task (others?) "very soon". Anyone got any more info on this?

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I have recently talked to the factory about this and was told that the left hand Mini-Task will be the last of the new knives to be produced due to lack of demand. I have sveral customers that have been waiting since the 99 brochure came out. The factory rep told me not to expect them until at least the end of September. Not exactly the answer I was looking for.
If you haven't already found out, the mini-task lefty is on the market. I have one on order that should be coming in any day now. I'll post more when it arrives.

Got one for a customer who has been waiting for one for about 6 months. Very nice job of making the knife a totally "lefty" version. Lock release, stud,& clip are all changed over. Razor sharp out of the box with nice grind lines. As with all other Onion models now, it comes with a blade guard so that the "newbie" does not slice their finger(just remember to NOT ride the blade out is what I tell people). Also once again, the Mini-Task has a much better action than a full size Random. Overall, I'd have to give it a thumbs up.

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