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Kershaw Ricochet

Oct 3, 1998
Hello all,

I just received my Ricochet today. Before playing with it I reviewed what was written
about the Random Task, since 1998. I must admit I laughed upon rereading the many cut
finger stories.

The same problems that were written about the Task are present here also. Slight Blade
wobble exist, tightening screww inhibits blade openning speed.

Overall knife looks and feels Great, though I thought that they had overcome some of their problems I don't think they have. I've purchased knife for what I consider it to be a "gimmick" knife, though I thought quality would have been better.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, though I have Kershaw 1416 which I love.

Just my "humble opinion" (PS if I can I will return it)

Clyde ,please list the problems you are having with your Ricochet. Also does your knife have button head screws on the belt clip and a flat knurled thumb stud ?If not you have one of the old ones and it's no wonder your dissatisfyed.
With reguard to quality this is where I have a problem. And feel somewhat insulted Kershaw and I have done everything in our power to make a custom quality knife .The knife in question is net fitted ,the liners, backstrap, and handle are shaped by hand, assembled,so as to fit perfectly.The blade is 440-v and ground with a radius like a custom on a Berger grinder and then reground by hand to 400grit for a realy nice finnish.Back to the handle, they are G-10 hand radiused and contoured and polished to a brilliant shine .How can you say that that does not bespeak quality.With reguard to the (quote) slight blade play,unless you have recieved a complete freak.It is extremely slight and is necessary for the "Speed Safe" to work there is no way possible to make this knife open as it does with the blade tension cranked down.It is adjusted to be snug without bieng stiff.
If your knife has a slippery lock or the "Speed Safe" is slow, If you have excess blade play and are dissatisfyied in any way please return it to Kershaw and they will be happy to return your money,or replace the knife with a new tuned to the nines Ricochet.
If you would please write a note inthe package of all the problems you are having and say Forward to Ken Onion I would greatly appreciate it.cause if this knife is one of the new ones and it's screwed upI'll be chewing butt.
Aloha!!! Ken Onion
thanks for taking the time to reply.
Yes I agree it's "pretty" nice especialy the polished G-10. I honestly did not realize there was suppose to be "slight"
blade play. It's my only concern I'm just
not use to that. But to have the "speed openning" I'll deal with it or get rid of it.
Out of curiosity do your Custom models have the same tendency? I guess it boils down to
"you get what you pay for".

I guess I didn't read the previous threads well enough.

To conclude I will agree with you in that you either have a no blade wobble or "speed openning" operation.

Again thanks for your time.

Hi Clyde:

I’m surprised that your Ricochet has blade wobble. I have one of Ken’s customs and I can not detect any play in the blade. I tested it for a while after reading the posts and it feels just as tight as any other well made folder. Recently I handled a Whirlwind and that knife is extremely solid. If there was any blade play it was not noticeable. Same thing with the Random Task. I have not had the chance to handle a Ricochet but I can’t imagine that it would be any different than the above mentioned knives. Thus, my guess is that you received a lemon.

I have been so impressed with the Kershaw’s Onion line that I have chosen those knives for Christmas gifts. Furthermore, I recently suggested the Random Task to two good friends in trying to get them hooked on the knife addiction thing.

In no way do I consider the Speed Safe Mechanism a “gimmick.” To me a gimmick is something that does not work as advertised. I have not heard of that mechanism failing. I know that it did take a while for Kershaw to work the bugs out of the Random Task. But, the Kershaw knives that I recently handled worked just like my custom. I think if the mechanism was a gimmick the Random task would not have been voted the 1998 American Made Knife of the Year. Nor would the Blackout been voted as the 1999 Best Buy.

One interesting side note for people like me who have spastic thumbs. The Whirlwind I saw came with a removable cover for the back of the blade to help prevent cuts while getting used to the knife.

From other peoples remarks on Kershaw, it seems that they are very much into customer service. So, hopefully you will also be satisfied.

My first Random Task was rather poor in quality. The action on it was slow compared with the Mini Task. The thumb stud was sloped and sharp. It closed up on me when I inadvertantly struck the back of spine on the table, and not hard. I sent back to Kershaw and they sent me one of new type. It was like night and day. The lockup is solid. This knife is well executed. Fit an finish is top notch. Opens with authority.
If this one is representitive then the quality is there.
The latest version of the Random Task is a vast improvement over the first one. I originally sent my first one back because the lock was not secure. It was promptly returned and functioned perfectly for approximately six months. It is possible to break the opening mechanism, I did it. I was repeatedly opening and closing the knife while sitting in the car waiting for my wife one evening and I heard a loud snap when I closed the knife. That was the end of the spring assisted opening. So knife number one went back to Kershaw for a second time. They sent me the new model in less than a weeks time. O.K., so you're saying to yourself "I don't care how good their customer service is, I wouldn't want to have to send a knife back to the manufacturer twice in six months". Well I agree. I think Kershaw released the original Random Task before all of the developement work was completed. That said, everything about the new model is an improvement over the old. I can notice at least half a dozen improvements, the best of which is even easier opening. The pivot on mine can be adjusted so that no blade wobble can be detected, yet the blade still opens with authority. So Clyde, if the pivot still has play you should send it back. You really will be pleased with Kershaw's customer service, at least you will as soon as you get over the irritation of having to send your new knife back.

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Just bought one of the new "Ricochet" by Kershaw.Love the blade profile.No perceptive blade wobble.Works like a charm.Only complaint is the thumb stud is wearing a hole in my thumb.Maybe I should put it away and fondle one of my autos.IMHO


have a"knife"day
Help! the point of my richochet broke after my wife used it to open a can of milk formula. She broke about 1/2 inch of the tip. After making faces at her and telling her that the knife cost 1/5 of my monthly wages, she broke down and cried.
I would like to know if kershaw have a policy of only selling the blades as replacements? I must say that I have posted to this forum about the Random spacer problem and Onion and Kershaw made good on my problem. I am very happy with the company. Well, after the spacer problem, now this. What a bummer.
"Speed-Safe" a gimmick? Not to me, clyde. I have a Blackout, one of the less expensive Ken Onion models, and not only does the blade slam home with authority, it locks up super tight and, by my judgement, has little to no wobble.

As far as Kershaw goes, I can only say that ny blade arrived "shaving sharp" as advertised, and after I ruined the tip 'sharpening' it (obviously I'm still learning), frantically spoke with the folks at Kershaw who promptly advised me to mail it back to them and they would re-sharpen it, no charge! Ten days later I received it - just like brand new!! They've got MY vote.

Finally, Ken Onion, ARE YOU OUT THERE?? I've just got to find out about your customs. Do you have a website? Do you have a tanto design? I have to say that I think your "Speed-Safe" is ingenious; not only in how easy (and fun!) it is to open but how I've never even come close to cutting myself when closing it. Congratulations on a great new idea!!
Here is Ken's website: http://www.park2.com/onion/

He is a very busy guy, and almost never updates his webpage, and he gets too many emails a day to answer all of them
. I have been told that he is a really nice guy, just busier than the average maker. I have also heard that he had a tremendous backlog on orders and isn't really taking any new orders.

He occasionally posts on the forum when he has time. Hopefully I will get to meet him at the Semo-Annual gun show in Honolulu in a couple weeks.


My Hobby Page

Thank you so much! I figured when I didn't get a quick reply from Ken it's because he's swamped, but you saved me a tedious web search with that URL!

Have fun in Honolulu (you lucky dog!), and if you get to meet him, say 'hey' for me.