Kershaw Whirlwind review

Oct 3, 2000
UPS just delivered my Whirlwind about an hour ago.

Out of the box, it has one of the best angles I've ever seen on a new knife. Unlike most factory angles, it's a smaller angle, a more normal angle. It is also sharp enough to shave with.

Just give the thumb stud a little nudge, and the blade is right there to greet you. It's so fast, I barely see it after the torsion kicks in. The lock seems tough enough. I haven't had a single worry about it opening in my pocket, besides, it's not as if it was thrust open by dynamite. And the tension seems tight enough.

I also love the false edge. Nice and long.

The handle feels nice and comfy, but I wouldn't want to squeeze it too hard, I'm afraid I might break it. Chances are I wouldn't. :)

The only problem I can possibly find with it is the holes in the blade. They do look nice, but they could be a pain in the butt to clean. I probably won't ever use it for anything that would dirty them up though.

Two questions:

1. Is the torsion bar as powerful as the one in the Blackout?

2. Is it possible to adjust the torsion and the blade opening tension? If so, how?

- Whirlwind
I was contemplating to buy one, but I don't really like zytel without liners. The blackout is the same knife minus the black blade, the holes, and the blade style. I don't think there is much you can do regarding the torsion bar other than just loosening the pivot. The Boa index trigger works on the principle that if you push in the notch, the torsion bar will finish the opening. This allows you to just push in the extra piece on the spine and open the blade without touching the thumb stud or blade.


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David ,
The Whirlwind and the Blackout both have liners ,they are just relieved into the handle halves .
Thanks Whirlwind for the kind review.
Aloha!!! Ken Onion
i got one a while back,used.i love it.i carry it everywhere.i like the way it looks,handles,the way it feels in the hand, wasnt razor sharp,but then again i got it used,and for thirty bucks.i especially like the clip,slides on and off the pocket with ease.enjoy your knife!
loosen the pivot screw, silly. LoL, but that said, ( and I had to adjust mine lots before it was " PERFECT" for me. the Whirlwind is my everyday carry now, gets opened plus 50X a day and used at anything from cutting wire, boxes, tape, wires, stripping wires, as a screwdriver and yes even a prybar on occasion. Minimal time to renew the edge, and it is always shaveable everyday. I now have a mini task and a Boa on order, I can't wait, but I am sure that my "utility" blade will be the whirlwind. Cheaper if I screw it up but My gosh a lot of value in that knife. Not to mention Kershaws CS!!!!
Thanks to KO for sharing this design with Kershaw, so some of us can purchase a production knife that is so well made.

I love my Whirlwind, its moved its way up to my daily carry. It's the sharpest knife out of the box I've ever held and really stays sharp. I think the Whirlwind is one of the best values in an inexpensive knife out there.


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Thanks guys ,I sincerely appreciate the kindness. I am very fortunate that you seem to like what I do.

Aloha!!! Ken Onion
How tough is the liner-lock?

And how should I store it? Open or closed?

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I think I got it UPS ground for $60.00

1sks might be a little higher.

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I have both the whirlwinds and avalanches. They;re both great knives. The handles are strong on the whirlwind, and as far as use the holes in the blade seldom collect dirt. Ive had mine for many months and have had no complaints. also the opening mechanism will loosen with use.
smoky has the best price ive seen , 49.95 for the whirlwind, 5.99 for shipping. (1-800-251-9306)
In reference to what i said about the opening mech. i mean it will become faster. ive had mine since the early summer or so, and it the opening speed has improved much!!(not that there was anything to complain about!!!).Its a great knife!...unbeatable for the price, ken outdid himself!!...also the avalanche is wonderful too!!!!!!!!!!!!