Kestrel or Sere 2000

Apr 18, 1999
I have been considering adding another unnecessary knife to my collection. In that I have many four inchers, I thought I'd try something a bit shorter. Both the MT Kestrel and the new Sere 2000 have caught my eye. At present, I am leaning toward the Kestrel, but that could change in ten minutes. Has anyone had experience with either of these knives? Any input will be appreciated.


I have a SERE 2000, and I would recommend it.
Here is a thread on it:
There were a few good threads on the knife when it first came out, this is only the first one i found. The quality is really outstanding. Mine feels beefier than a microtech, more comfortable, and it's less expensive.

Go Al Mar.(just my $.02)

Now we all know what I think about this knife. I have been raving about it since its arrival. This knife is superb. I was just sitting down today admiring it with my girlfriend
The craftsmanship on these knives is absolutely the best for its price point. The liner is extremely beefy and locks to the left of the tang, leaving plenty of room for wear. The durable G-10 handles are nearly indestructable, and as we've learned earlier, conduct electricity very poorly in odd situations. The 3.6" spearpoint blade on this knife is beautifully crafted and comes extremely sharp. I cannot overemphasize the quality of this knife. All grinds are beautifully done, the clip is reversible, skeletonized and set for extremely deep carry. There ISNT any deeper carry than this knife. I dislike the fact that it has a skeletonized shiney clip, but that is my only issue. Nothing else could make this knife any better. The blade shape is perfect for utility usage, and we all know what the spearpoint tip is good for.

All in all, this knife is fantastic. Cannot get a better knife for the money. Go Al Mar.


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(notice all my posts are Pro Al Mar? Theres a reason. This knife owns for its price point, I will venture to say is it up to par with Microtech.)

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Unless you are a Microtech fanatic, the Al Mar SERE is an imcomparably better deal. It provides 3 or 4 times as much knife for less money.
Thanks for your input guys. As recommended, I have reviewed the other SERE threads and, with hands shaking, I ordered the SERE five minutes ago. When it arrives, I give you my impressions. Thanks again!

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Well now, I like to consider myself a MT fan since I own more of them than any other brand. Not that it amounts to a lot of knives anyway. The precision, fit, and finish of Microtech is second to none. I have seen customs from big time names not exhibit the finish of the Microtech line. I may only have a 1/2 dozen Microtechs but they, and I am talking Microtech, ROCK! With that said, I agree with defiant and Anthony, this Al Mar knife is on the same par with Microtech. I do not think that MT could improve on it, and that is saying something!
The fit, finish, sharpness, and smooth opening are as good as the LCC M/A. In fact I originally put my Al Mar up and replaced it with the LCC. I have now put the LCC up guessed it, started to carry the Al Mar again. Run a search on this forum and you will find a ton of information.

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Having just received an LCC and a Sere I would have to say that the fit and finish on the Microtech is absolutely delightful. It is certainly as nice as a Sebenza in the quality of fit. The knife is ugly though IMO.

The Sere is asthetically a far better choice to my eye and the fit is perfect. The knife has very nice action and is quite solid. The only beef I had was the finish. All the edges of the frame were fairly sharp so that after handling a bit I found my hands and thumb being bothered. So out came the Dremel with a soft abrasive wheel and after a half hour of CAREFUL buffing I now have a custom knife that is much more comfortable to hold and use. I really like this knife!

In some pics of the Sere I have seen a black clip. Is this available from Al Mar?

Peter Atwood
It's my understanding that the black clips are home-made.
Enamel, scotch-brite, ect. I would love to see a dark factory clip, but it seems people have gotten good results with doing it themselves.
I have many Microtechs and I think they are the best production knife made. I have traded most of my other brands of knives for Microtechs. I have read alot of great things about the SERE 2000 so out of curiosity, I ordered one today. I know it won't take the place of my Microtechs, but I'm expecting it to be a great knife.