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Kevin Wilkins Thorn 2 Neck Knife

Oct 4, 1998
Just received this in the mail and I am suitably impressed. 3.5" blade, 7.5" overall of bead blast matte CPM 420V. Leather sheath can be belt or neck carried (and holds knife securely even upside down). Craftsmanship is first-rate and the grind lines are perfect. Kevin was a pleasure to deal with. It's a birthday present for my son, so I haven't had a chance to test the steel, but I'm anxious to do so. You can check out Kevin's wares at www.wilkins-knives.com , the one I have is labelled F.


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I came close to ordering one of these. Kevin's prices are very reasonable. Let us know please what you think of 420V. I've got a 420V hunter/utility on order with a custom maker and can't wait to see how good the stuff is.