KF is FUBAR and BF offline for a time

Man is KF ever messed up! And to top it off I couldn't get my morning dose of BF either.
Man the only way to start the day worse is if I had run over my crank with the car on the way in to work.
Glad this forum is up again.

Feb 5, 1999
I know! My connection at work here was down all day Friday, then BF was down part of the day Monday, and then Tuesday...I had cleaned my desk, my planner, deodorized my phone, filed papers, did some "other" work (believe it or not, I do have other work!) I felt totally disconnected, like that Twilight Zone episode where that guy goes out into the town and he's all alone, everyone in the town is gone. Weirdness. Glad to back in the swing of things....
Sorry about the outages guys! Someone decided to SYN Flood us, which took down the server, and at the same time we had a RAM chip go bad which had to be replaced.

Anyhow, we're back up, and if we go down again it's because of someone attacking again.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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My visit to KF this morning was met with a screen notifying me:

"We have noted your attempt to hack this forum. Authorities will be notified if you persist. "

So I left.
Something weird is going at KF. I think they are having problems with attacks as well and have propagated some unexpected things on end users in an attempt to stop the hacker.

Spark, I hope you guys nail the hacker's *^&@ to the wall. Sour grapes if you ask me. Too bad some people won't just walk away from a lost cause.

I e-mailed Knifeforums yesterday concerning the hacking message. This morning I received a courteous e-mail reply from Earl Stewart explaining the problem. Apparently the message was connected with their software upgrade, and the software vendor has been notified of the problem. I was not the only one to get the message. Earl was cordial in assuring me that the doors are still open over at KF.