KI Boker review

Oct 3, 1998
Dextor , I have read comments by some knife makers of note that they considered 440c and
ats-34 pretty much interchangeable , while
others say 440c is more brittle and does not
hold an edge as well.Since you just spent
some time with the Boker offerings maybe you
could shead some light on how the two steels
Hi SDMatteson - yes, I would say that 440C and ATS-34 are interchangable as you say, but not in the way that ATS-34 and 154CM are. From my experiences, I would say that ATS-34 holds an edge longer than 440C. Brittleness to 440C? Wow, that's a new one for me. I've always heard people saying that ATS-34 is brittle, but I've never chipped an ATS-34 blade of all the knives I've used with this steel (and that's a lot). I'm guessing that the brittleness you describe about 440C maybe due to the heat treating?

In the production knife scene, 440C is to Europe as what ATS-34 is here in America - a popular steel to use for high end production knives. A lot of Boker's offerings, including the Swiss made Klotzli stuff, are available in 440C including some of their multi-blade folders (the rest use 440A)

Overall, I like 440C. It's a good steel for working knives. Hope this info helps!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Thanks for clearing that up.I was only quoting what I read elsewhere because I have
only one knife made of 440c and it is ,
believe it or not , 30 years old.It holds an
edge but has only been used field dressing
and skinning deer.I was curious to see how
Boker's modern treatment held up under hard
use.I think I have a handle on it now.