Kit Carson Stellite Model 16


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Oct 2, 1998
In an effort to provoke "knife envy" (
before the Blade Show, I am going to take a minute to brag about a new knife that came into my possession yesterday after what seems a "lifetime" of waiting.

The knife in question is a "small" Kit Carson Model 16 featuring "all titanium" construction (handles, screws, clip etc.) except for the pivot, which is of 416 grade stainless steel. (Correct me if I got anything wrong Kit. Won't be the first time.)

The knife also features a short black carbon fiber backspacer, leaving enough of the back open for easy cleaning in the field, yet maintaining a solid and rigid overall feel.

The blade is a 3.5 inch hollow ground drop point made of Stellite 6K. I'd heard enough good about Stellite/Talonite from Kit, Doc Welch, Bob Allman, Rob Simonich and others over the past months that I just had to have a knife featuring the material, and who better to make it than my friend and compadre Kit?

I asked Kit to put the final edge on by hand since I like my knives kinda sharp, and Kit obliged. It has that nice grabbiness to the edge that I like when I test it with my thumb.

I haven't put the knife through its paces (and I won't be lending it to Cliff anytime soon
, that's a joke for those humor impaired amongst us) as it's still too new and pretty to beat up just yet.

I will say that it slices through paper and paracord right smartly.

The knife is light, at least compared to my Carson Model 4; and it is extremely well balanced in the hand.

The liner lock engages very securely, and mates up fully toward the left side of the knife tang. The ball detent is adjusted to hold the blade in the handles with just the right amount of tension.

Fit and finish are flawless, something that I and other proud Carson knife owners have
come to expect from our dealings with Kit.

Part of the attraction of this knife was that it will not rust/stain, a tremendous boon for those of us living in the sub-tropics of South Florida, and/or work in a marine environment, as I often do.

I will report more on this knife as time goes by and I use it as its maker intended.

For now, suffice it to say, that I can't recommend Kit's work highly enough.


Live Free or Die

My hope is to find something on a table at the Blade Show, otherwise, I fear I may have to wait awhile. Some things are worth waiting for though ....

Sounds like a great toy to play with!
Is this your second Carson, if I remember right?
He must be making super products for you to invest in 2 of his beauties.

Congrates, I hope to see it soon..and show you my new toys as well.

No Shame on You!