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knife care

Jan 2, 2001
I recently read where It's a good idea to apply mineral oil to the scales of horn knives to prevent them from warping.Should this be done to stag and wood scales too.I've noticed some of my knives which are kept in glass cases, shirking on the horn and stag scales is this something that can be prevented, these knives are 8 to 10 years old. Is there a better oil to lube these with I use oils that I use on firearms.
All these are autos some coil spring some leaf springs.

I have heard of using lanolin, or lanolin based skin products for horn, and linseed oil for wood. For wood I find the best thing to use is guitar fretboard conditioner. You can get a small bottle for under $5.00 at most any music store and it will last a long time. It does not smell, like linseed oil does. Stag is something I do not know about.