knife kits


Nov 1, 1998
I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience with knife building kits. I was thinking of getting the Simonich knife kit. Does it take alot of skill or is it pretty straight forward? I'm not the most talented craftsperson however my wife loves doing this type of projects (she's the artsy/crafty type). Maybe this might get her more involved in my new passion.

Its very straight forward. But it takes some elbow grease
A dremel or a bench grinder is handy but not required. I did mine in a weekend. The pic of the completed kit on his site is the one I did. Jadis ( another member here) did one and his turned out great as well. He posted a link to his a search on "Jadis" and his Cetan kit
Thanks DC,
So that was your handiwork in the Simonich website. You did a beautiful job. Looks like I'll have a new weekend project to play with.
I just thought about it.
Maybe I'd better wait until next month before ordering the kit. Who knows, I may get lucky at the end of this month and win the knife (hah, hah, don't worry guys, no B's in my name)