Knife laws in Canada

Oct 26, 1998

I might be spending a couple of months in Toronto for work and was wondering if anyone knew what the knife laws in Toronto were like. I am only interested in carriering simple stuff like the Ascent 840 and my Spyderco Delica.
Thanks for the help.
you won't have any problems with those, they are legal. Any concealed folder up to 6" is legal I think, anyway, those are way less than 6". You can carry most folders here in canada with no problem, just don't say it's for self defense if you are asked (that's a no-no). Autos, balisongs, push daggers are illegal here, don't carry them into the country.
I don't know, I don't live in toronto. But chances are, there aren't ANY good knife stores in canada
What is the status of fixed blades, pepper sprays and large flashlights in Canadian borders? The flashlight query may seem odd but I have heard that Canadian authorities do not appreciate them in civilian hands.
Ok, knife rules in Canada (AFAIK):

- No knife may be carried concealed. Certainly your pocket knife is NOT a weapon.
- there are No blade length restrictions (I personally would not carry a 6" fixed blade on my belt in Toronto though!)
- no balis, autos etc but NO push daggers!

Can't really see much of a problem with a flashlight but pepperspray is not cool.

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heh, funny thing with pepper spray in Canada:
it's completely illegal to sell pepper spray as a human deterrant, but no statements for pepper spray products for animal deterrants, so there are ppl selling it as dog detterant or whatever. It's a grey area in the law that is receiving some press lately , in Ottawa anyway.

Yeah, and that no length restriction is funny, heard of a guy walking around with a katana haha
The knife laws in Canada are rather a grey area, with even lawyers and Police officers not really sure what they are. Here are two (2) interesting links that should basically answer your questions;

If you have a knife such as a folding lock blade which can be explained as a "TOOL", your okay, but if you state it is for self defense they can take it from you. A little hard to say a seven (7) inch dagger strapped to your leg is for opening boxes !?

Pepper spray with a picture of a dog on the bottle and a name such as "Doggie Defendo" and your okay, but if it has a picture of a person on it and a name such as "People Defendo" they will take it away from you. Pepper Spray is technically an illegal weapon in Canada.

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