Knife maker Ryan Wilson: Anyone know Anything

I the last issue of Combat Knives there was a small review of a knife by a new knife maker Ryan Wilson. The knife looked very nice and I'm looking for more info. If anyone owns one or knows how to contact Mr. Wilson, please let me know.
Ryan Wilson is great person as well as accomplished combat pistolsmith and knifemaker.

Before Ryan was legal age to buy beer, he was running his father's 1911 gunsmithing empire and supervising a large staff of gunsmiths.

He builds as great a knife as he does a gun.
His 440C fighters are selectively tempered and are true integral construction.
Blade-guard-handle machined from the same billet.

The sheaths are top quality leather or sharkskin.

Be prepared to wait-I have for well over a year now. Ryan only makes a handful of knives a year and will probably never be more than a hobbyist maker (In terms of volume) because of his primary work responsibilities.

You can contact him through Wilson Combat,
but like I said-be prepared to wait.

Today I was shooting a primo example of a "Ryan-Built" Wilson 1911. It was truly perfection.
He is a class act, just like his dad!