Knife Recommendation needed

Jun 14, 1999
I need a good, solid folder for day to day use. It does not need to be automatic, but that would be preferable. My price range is under $200. I do not like plastic handles (e.g. Cold Steel, even though I love their fized blades). Nothing fancy (I'd hate to scuff up a fancy engraving or signature), and a high quality blade. Maybe 7" long open, give or take. Thanx guys,
PS: So far, I like the MT Kestrel and Vector (any opinions)?
get the mt ludt, it's a better user in my opinion than the kestral or vector, you will not be disapointed.
I'd take a good hard look at the new Benchmade 730 Ares.

David Rock

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For a good automatic under $200, I would look at the GT models. Very high quality, definately a best buy in the automatic world.

Dennis Bible
It's not an automatic, but the emerson commander would be my recomendation. The wave is just as fast as an auto, once you get used to it. Good, strong knife. You should find one for around $160.

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If you're willing to go with a liner lock on your "solid" folder, there are some very good choices, some of which are named above.

I won't buy a liner lock for a hard-use folder. For a solid knife without a liner lock under $200, I'd strongly suggest you check out Benchmade's Axis (axis lock), Pinnacle (mono-lock), or Ares (axis lock). All are nice choices. The fit & finish isn't as good on the REKAT Carnivore, but it might be worth a look as well.