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GOD I LOVE CAPITALISM!!!!!!! I was wondering why every one was buying from when Discount was out there beating any price by 10%. I love it. although I do like Knifecenters web site better because of the illustrations being more than Discount. All I do is take a look on their website and buy from Discount knives. They do have the best prices I have seen so far bar none. Any other site that has blades for less I would love to know personally. I'll buy small from anyone at first. If they prove themselves, then I buy big. seems to work great that way. Any comments on this subject would most certainly be welcome.

Oct 3, 1998
Pop quiz

Question: Why do people buy knives from Knifecenter?

a) They are naive people, susceptible to the allure of glitzy full-color photos and loads of informative text.

b) They think "Howard Korn" is a groovy name.

c) They weren't raised by wolves and, consequently, allow their conscience to get the best of them from time to time.

d) All of the above.
Highdlr: Value is sometimes measured in other than money. I just paid more dollar wise to help support a member of our on-line family because he always answered any questions, supports this forum, has done much for the knife industry in general, and takes time from his own busy schedule to moderate this forum. I know I will get a knife inspected by him for fit and finish, there shouldn't be any question of returning it for warranty work right out of the box. Part of my purchase price is donated to a worthwhile cause. Money is only money. Character has no price tag.
I'm not trying to flame anyone but, I know someone who recently bought something from Discount Knives and I think it took about 2-3 weeks for him to get it and he's just in the next state. It was at my suggestion that he ordered from Discount (because of the prices). The knife was something new that Discount had to get from the manufacturer or wholesaler but, I think he was told it shouldn't be that long.

Don't get defensive. I don't remember the exact details of the transaction, nor do I care enough to contact this buyer and ask. However, when this happened, I do remember telling myself that I should think twice about ordering from Discount. Also, I don't think my friend will order anything from Discount again.

I'm always trying to get knives as cheap as possible. And, as consumers/buyers, it is up to us to weed out the inefficient (for lack of a better word) retailers. However, I keep getting reminded of this simple concept that we all know but chose to forget when we find a good deal: if you go for the lowest prices, usually, you're going to be giving something up.


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Service is certainly important. I can tell you, however, that I have bought a number of knives from Brian at Discount knives. Each came in excellent condition. All of them came within 5-7 days. All of my inquiries, either by e-mail or phone, were answered with care and obvious interest in providing first rate service.

Anyway that's just been my experience. I plan to continue giving him my business...

I've gotten a lot of information from the KnifeCenter's website. Their site is about as comprehensive as you'll find on the internet. That fact alone is probably worth the couple of dollars extra you'll pay compared to other dealers. I ordered a mini-AFCK from them several months ago. It arrived in perfect shape in only two days.

I've also purchased from Leslie at NW Cutlery. She was the only dealer to have a small Sebenza in stock when I was looking for one. I also recieved this knife in two days.

The only true local dealer (shameless plug for The Knife Shop in Fort Mill, SC) has prices that are pretty comparable to the internet dealers. The owner is a great guy, and the ability to handle and inspect knives before I buy is also a plus. I don't dicker over price with him; he offers good prices and has a storefront to pay for. I've purchased a BM Ascent, a Sentinel, as well as Lansky and Spyderco sharpeners from him.

I purchased two Leatherman WAVES from a great dealer who frequents the local gun and knife show. In addition to having the best prices ($65 including tax), she spent a great deal of time letting me handle the inventory and showing me some new items.

Another vendor at the same show earned my SOCOM business, not because he had the lowest prices (he didn't) but because he took the time to treat me like I mattered.

I guess what I'm saying is that if a particular dealer offers something of value to you such as a wealth of information, personal service, good return policies, speedy delivery, or good inventory, these things offer a better overall value that the dealer who just knocks a few bucks off of the price. Shopping around is smart, but using the resources of other dealers only to turn around and give the sale to another dealer is not always the RIGHT THING TO DO.

I used to buy from Discount til I figured out how he does business. He has nothing in stock and then when I order he charges my credit card orders from his supplier and then ships me the knife when he gets it. I actually got my credit card bill before I got my knife. I know he is a small dealer but my business stays with those who answer my email, have a great web site with good pictures. Has an 800 number and a person who actually answers the phone. Has the item in stock and ships when they say. The only dealer to date who has been consistant in all of those qualities has been ABC-Direct. KnifeCenter and NW Cutlery run close seconds but ABC gets the nod.

My last deal with Discount knives was a nightmare and I do not wish to repeat it but let's just say the communication was less than truthful.

Also ABC has matched every price Discount Knives has offered and I get the items shipped that day and that cool little tube of oil with each knife. So just go shop til ya drop and get the best price you can and call ABC and they will match it and you get superior service.

Scuba Doo
I have had some excellent experiences using the net to get my knives. I too appreciate what Howard Korn's web site does for me and I agree with Kelly; If I have to pay a few bucks more and get what I really wanted in large part of the Knife Center than I will give him some of my business.

The other site I liked is Bullman Cutlery. Bruce Bullman is one of the hardest working men I know. If I email him I usually get an answer from him within 10-30 minutes! How is that? The guy works over 16 hours a day. He goes out of his way for me and treats me like a first rate customer and I appreciate that. Plus his prices are some of the best I can find on the internet and believe me, I have looked around.

It is service and reliability. With forums like this if a dealer isn't up to par, we will soon know it. That's one of the reasons why I like the link section so much.


Greg Mete
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Most of you guys know I'm a huge fan of the KnifeCenter. In fact, I'll only buy elsewhere if the H-man absolutely can't get it for me.

Why? Call me a hardass, but I believe in doing right by those who do right by me (and conversely, f**king those who f**k me, of course). Because loyalty counts for something in this world and a relationship is a two-way street. Heck, we all gotta make a living.

I guess I could call a dozen dealers out there and play a hey-the-other-guy's-got-it-for-a-buck-less-can-you-beat-that, bird-in-the-hand-beats-two-in-the-bush game any time, but I'm past playing games. I'd rather deal with someone reliable who comes through with what I need, always delivers on time and squashes any issues immediately. It doesn't hurt that Howard's a nice guy who works hard and genuinely loves what he does. Hal put it best-character has no price tag. Some of the sentiments expressed here are really getting me down. What does the nickel-and-diming attitude say about OUR characters as consumers?


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Knife Center or Discount didn't answer my e-mail a while back, so I went to some of the other guys, Frank Norman at little River and Bruce Bullman at Bullman Cutlery, nice prices and plenty of e-mails to make things happen, I really appreaciate it when they help sort out things that I contributed to. Ever save a few bucks, then blow em right away anyway on something stupid?

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Hey David Riker, "less than truthful", I like the way you put that

Anyway, in my search (over the internet) for the cheapest prices with good service, I've had mostly unfavorable experiences oftentimes involving "less than truthful" communications. I think I'm emphasising the prices too much! Usually, I'll order again from the same dealer, trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but, it never makes a difference.

I think Win has got the right idea. I'm generally a pretty loyal guy with my business. The problem is, I haven't found anyone to be loyal to for my knife business! Like I said, I should probably stop looking for the cheap dealers...


For the record, I've seen plenty of positive feedback on the Net about Discount Knives from satisfied customers. Before I turned from mere addict to "pusher," I've been a happy customer at KnifeCenter and Northwest Cutlery.


I have now my 2nd BIG order on the way from ABC-Direct. Mike is a nice giuy and the service is top, quick & precise.And they answer email within a few hours (or less).
It's not my last order from them.

Be fair to me and I'm fair to you !

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I've purchased knives from ABC-Direct, Discount Knives, Skylands, Northwest Cutlery, Edgy Tools, Broken Arrow, Knife Center, and Pioneer Valley. All have treated me very fair and have been prompt with delivery.
I wish I could say that about other catalog or web merchants.
Service Smervice, I understand and agree with the "personal" approach between friends in business. If Service was such a high commodity among buyers then explain K-mart and Wal-mart fellas? I work for a Company than is the Largest retailer of computer products in the USA. When our customers call in do you think for a minute that they ask for good service. All my folks hear is "How much is the cheapest piece of s%$t that you have". lol

Seriously though, Knifecenter as well as several other are concerned are very good companies. Let's be realistic and stop with the politically correct answers for a moment. Price is everything, and we all know it bottom line, no arguement. Why should I pay for 20$, when I can get it for 10$? Anyone? When my time is worth more than the time it takes to seek out a better price, that's when I buy with convienence in mind. Then and only then. It's all about time management. The internet is the ultimate bargain basement ya'll. I LOVE CAPITALISM. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND BILL CLINTON. I still keep trying to see if my wife agrees that oral sex is not cheating. She hasn't agreed so far.

well.......neither do I really. Anyway....Merry Xmas and Happy Holiblades to all.
As I said earlier I tried busines with cheaper businesses. I don't get the service I get from the better dealers like ABC-Direct, KnifeCenter and NW Cutlery. Also ABC-Direct has matched every price the cheaper guys have so I get the same price with better everything else. I shop Wal-Mart when I need normal stuff. You probably eat at fast food places and better upscale restaraunts. The main difference is the quality of the food and service. Ya we all pay more for that now don't we.

Scuba Doo
Gee, I tried all last week off an on everyday and all day to get through to Discount Knives. BUSY< BUSY< BUSY<...
My ear started to get soar of hearing that beeping sound. Finally got through, once, but only got a recording to leave message. So, I did. Guess what? No call returned. Hmmm, doesn't sound to customer oriented or anxious for a sale to me.

ABC-DIRECT on the other hand only took 2 times to get through. Talked to a lady there that took my order and talked to Mike with questions I had. Not only were they very freindly and knowledgeable, they had my knives I wanted in stock, the lowest price, and shipped out the same day to me. She even gave me a tracking number so I could see the status of my shipment. NOW, that is service!

The Knife Center won't match prices, ABC-Direct and even Leslie at N.W. Cutlery will, as should be.

My opinion, ABC-Direct would be my number one choice of purchasing a knife if my distributor doesn't sell what I want. IF, ABC-Direct happened to be out of stock, I would surely try N.W. Cutlery then.

Not to blast others, but just comparing excellence to not so .......

< Doug >


Highdlr: You work for the largest computer retailer, I work for a local computer repair and installation center. All we hear is do it right, reguardless of the cost.We can be very selective in the business we take on, our reputation speaks for us. Some buy on price alone, others look at the total cost. I paid $75.00 for a knife i could have gotten for $60.00. The reason? See the above.
The lowest prices, nice web site, nice people, price matching, in stock items, fast service, why pay more than you have to if all of this exists from one dealer? Sounds kind of foolish to pay more, then.

I agree, ABC-DIRECT qualifies! Some others do too and some others don't. We all know who they are, why FOOL yourselves.


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