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Oct 2, 1998
In the January, 2000 issue of Blade there is an ad for Knife Safes by Morton Enterprises on p. 59, as well as a picture and short review in an article beginning on p. 122.

I just received a medium version of the Knife Safe for my own growing collection and must say that I am pleased with the overall size, fit and finish of this product.

First off, the Knife Safe isn't a "safe" at all. It is a very well designed cordura nylon bag which looks much like a nylon briefcase when zipped closed. (It even comes with a removeable shoulder strap.)

When open, your knives (24 folders, 8 large fixed blades)are protected by individually padded poly-cotton pockets. The material is soft and protectant and will not damage your knives.

I have been using a couple of padded cordura nylon cases from Pioneer Valley Knife & Tool up to this point, but this is a more refined product, affording both more protection as well as a larger area for the storage of the individual knives.

A bonus is that the medium version contains a pocket on each side of the case which runs the entire width and much of the height of the bag. You can use this area for storage of knife related items, or even additional knives (if they are protected in a zipper case of their own, for example).

Standard price is $54.95 for the medium version, but with Morton's "Holiday" pricing, they are offering it for $49.95 through the millenium.

If you are looking for a nice protective case for some of your knives, your ship may have come in.

Morton Enterprises may be contacted toll free at: 877-819-7280. In PA, 724-593-2037.


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I picked up the small version at the Southeast Custom Knife Show last month. The only thing I regret is not getting a larger size. These are by far the best cases for the money that I've seen.

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Hey Mike T or Spark-

This might be a nice accessory to add to the BF store...



Yeah, no kidding. If Blues says they are good, they are definately worth checking out.

We'll call them on Monday

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I tried to cut & paste, alas, WinBlows would not allow me to do that. I had a couple questions Blues!

The individual pockets you speak of, how are they for durability in your estimation? They are soft and will not scratch or anything, which is very cool, but are they strong enough so they will not tear out easily?

How is the stitching and do you know if they use a folded over piece of heavier nylon, over the seam and then stitch it?

It will hold 24 folders AND 8 fixed blades? If so, that is quite a bag and I would be very interested in this Unit if all this is a yes! Nice seeing you, by the way.

And yeah, A BladeForums.Com Logo Version of a Case like this would be rather cool indeed. Make it happen Spark.

I sold most of my Folders, however, I still have two Emerson Commanders, an Emerson Commander Trainer, and I will probably have A REKAT SIFU and some other stuff in the future...have about 4 dulled/rounded Spyderco Enduras for training, etc., so this is really a neat idea.