Knife scenes in movies

Aug 12, 1999
I'll guess that this topic comes up on a regular basis.... as my interest in knives has been rekindled recently I've tried to think back on vivid knife scenes in movies, and two that I remember well are both in Lean movies. One is William Holden in The Bridge over the River Kwai where he is yelling "KILL HIM" while holding a knife in the air, to the young commando who is confronted by Alec Guiness. The other is the scene in Lawernce of Arabia where Anthony Quinn comes upon Peter O'Toole dancing about with his Arab knife and clothing. One of the most powerful scenes in Lawernce of Arabia is where they come upon a Turkish column and his bodyguards egg him on to yell "NO PRISONERS !".

What are memorable scenes that you recall ?
In "The Color of Night" where the phsyco guy is attacking with the CS safe keeper
Halloween, big kitchen knife.

Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O Toole in Arab garb with a jambiya in his belt.

Last of the Dogmen. Not a great movie entertaining though. The character played by Tom Beringer had a pretty nice camp knife that he wound up trading to a native.
I like in Only the strong when one of the students pulls out a spydero civilian and attacks his teacher.

I liked the knife scene in Commando when Arnold Swartzneger attacks this one guy with his Parrish survival knife.

The knife fight scene in Saving Private Ryan. Imagine struggling for your life and slowly losing the battle.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
In The Patriot w/Stephen Segal. The bad guy uses a Microtech DA SOCOM to upset someones day!!
Does anyone know what knife was carried by Jean Renno in Mission Impossible? Is is custom made? Thanks.
And I wonder why some people cringe when I pull a knife to do some mundane cutting chore - even when they asked me do cut the thing for them in the first place!

An honorable mention should go to Crocodile Dundee, of course.

Not to mention the scene in Shogun Assassin where the evil ninja throws a kozuka in one motion from the katana scabbard, across the tip of a samurai's nose (he flees), and into the wall next to an unblinking Lone Wolf. Then the evil ninja motions Lone Wolf to return his kozuka, and Lone Wolf throws it back across the room directly into its slot in the scabbard.

Don't try these things at home, kids!

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Honey Rider coming out of the surf in Dr. No. wearing very little except that big knife.

Or is it Bond rescuing the lovely hostage during the opening to Thunderball? A lot of good knife scenes in Thunderball.

Favorite gun scene? 007 meets Andrea Anders for the first time in The Man With The Golden Gun. "Tell me, do you always carry a pistol in the shower?"

Or is it Bond waking to meet the rather striking ***** Galore aboard Goldfinger's Jetstar?

How about Bond wrestling with the Spectar agent aboard the train in From Russia With Love? Saved by the knife Q concealed in his briefcase.

Oh, so many Bond movies, so little time.


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"Chinatown", when Jack Nicholson got an amateur rhinoplasti by the bad guys.

"First Blood", the spark that ignited the hollow handle knife craze.

"Rebel without a Cause", the movie that caused most of this country to be forever denied of "switchblades".

"West Side Story", for asking the inevitable question: "Is it a switchblade, gravity knife or did he just have a weak locking mechanism on a standard folder?".

"Dirty Harry", the old switchblade scotched taped to the calf trick.

"Cobra", one of Sly's lousiest pics, but the knife with the attached spikes was impressive.

Didn't "Oklahoma" have a scene with a telescope/Out The Front? (I've never seen the movie, but I played "Judd?" in a 4th grade school play, 30 something years ago.

Does Freddy Krueger's glove count?

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i was reading these last night at work; i'm on night shift working with the vets. i can't remember the movie: it was with Yul Brinner (Spelling?), the bald headed actor from The King and I. anyway, he was a lone knife-fighter who helped out a village or something. i remember at the end he had a face-off with the lead bad guy who was hanging down in a subway grate or tunnel, and they were both chained together. the bad guy laughs because the floor is ready to give out and both he and Yul would be pulled down to their deaths. but Yul one-ups him by reaching for an axe and chopping his own arm off so the bad guy falls alone to his death. i can't remember the name of the movie, but i think he had a horizontal sheath SOB; not sure though. anyone remember the name of it?
Two funny ones: Crocodile Dundee of course and the spinoff from the Simpsons where they are in Australia and Bart is playing with a SAK and the Australian tough guy says "That's not a knife, this is a knife." Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are staring at his spoon.


Reading that post about Yul Brenner reminded me of the scene in "The Magnificent Seven" where Steve McQueen has a showdown with a loudmouthed cowboy. The cowboy was killed by a thrown knife before he could pullhis six gun.

Also the end of "Yojimbo" where Toshiro Mifune cuts the old man's bindings from the draw, and then turns and walks into the sunset. Lots of good swordplay in that movie.
The knife throwing guy from "Desperado" was pretty cool. And there's a quick knife vs. unarmed scene in "Rapid Fire."

If you're including cheesy scenes, there's "Under Siege" and "Timecop."

I'll come back w/ more later.
Not really a knive sceen, but 16 minutes into Casino, Joe Pesci does some wicked fountain pen action that might explain why so many formites carry metal pens. -Brian