Knife shops in Dallas

Aug 16, 1999
I'm a UK citizen visiting Dallas shortly and was hoping to purchase some knives while over. Could anyone provide good Knife outlets supplying a wide range of products in the Dallas area - Cold Steel a particular favourite.

Grateful for any help

Thanks in advance
I live near Dallas and I hate to say there is a decided lack of decent knifeshops here. I have had to get used to looking in the few House of knives (Limited selection and full MSRP if not more...
)or the local surplus stores(again high prices and amazingly uneducated in their own wares
). If anyone knows of some good areas I would love to see them myself.


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Were you speaking of Dallas, Texas?
I'm quite sure that the largest store
with the largest selection is west of
Dallas by almost an hour maybe a
bit more. If you are interested in making
that drive, I can give you directions.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid Dallas is not much of a 'knife town.' They hosted one of the first Blade Shows and attendance was so bad they haven't been back since. I suggest looking in the yellow pages when you arrive and call the few knife shops to see if they have what you're looking for.

There's an Army-Navy type store on Hwy 78 just a little south of 635. Any of you guys know that one? The area Benchmade rep told me about it. Not much to look at, but a decent selection at below full retail. The owner is supposed to be pretty knowledgable. I talked to his daughter and she knew more than the average House of Knives clerk. I was only there once about a year ago, so I wouldn't make a special trip based on this. Can someone fill in some of the gaps here?

As a Fort Worth resident I can tell you that even that large knife store which was suggested earlier has mediocre selection of the better knives... Go to the library, log on and go to the many links in blade forums (and elsewhere)... get what you want and pay extra to get it fed exed... You will save the state sales tax and cover the shipping... the other 10-20% you will save can be pocketed!

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I live in Dallas and have yet to find a decent kife shop. There is a Surplus store on Irving Blvd. here in Irving that has a nice selection of Spyderco, BM, Cold Steel, Case, Buck, Camillus, Kabar, SAK, SOG, etc. their address is:

600 E. Irving Blvd.
Irving, TX

Their prices are basically MSRP though you can usually talk him down a little since he also functions as a pawn shop.

Other than the internet, that's the best place I've found here in Dallas to get a knife. I bought my first modern knife from him in the form of a BM 970.

Chris Canis
I'm surprised none of you sharp eyed members caught my error. Dallas never hosted the Blade was a Knifemaker's Guild Show held sometimes in the early 80's at Reunion Arena I believe.

And I was there, (in Dallas) my first show and I thought it was great. Ah, well, they say memory the second thing to go! Actually memory of that show is good. Eyes must be going too, as I didn't catch BLADE show.
There is a store in Prestonwood Mall (north Dallas) that usually has a fair selection of customs by well know makers.
That would be Shofner's World of Knives. It's now in Prestonwood Town Centre since the mall is closing down. There is another WoK in CollinCreek Mall in Plano just north of Dallas. If you are planning on visiting Ft Worth, there are two fairly large stores, House of Blades, one on Jacksboro Hwy off of Loop 820 and on in the Stockyards which is a pretty big tourist attraction. If you are going to be in Dallas Sept 11-12, there is a gun show at the Big Town Exhibition Hall that always has several dealers. One is a little grey haired lady from Houston who stocks a good assortment of folders from custom makers. Several local makers have tables. Alan Elishewitz used to waaay back when. I remember that
guild show but don't remeber the year. It was just a few weeks after the first issue of Knives Illustrated hit the stands. KI was there sellng subscriptions. I went on a Sunday and I guess Sat. had not been a good day as not many of the makers were very talkative, some were downright unfriendly.

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