Knife storage on the cheap

Oct 14, 1998
I've stumbled on a really cheap way to store some of my knives. Where I work we get a lot of motherboards, ethernet cards and other computer boards which come packaged in special boxes. These boxes are really sturdy and a perfect shape for storing knives. Some are large enough to store a couple of Outsider type blades. Some are small enough for pocket knives or small fixed blades. They all fit very easily under a bed. I have several stacked under mine.

Best of all the boxes are free. We used to throw them all away - now I get some of them. The best ones I've found have been the ones containing the bigger Sun Micosystems and Silicon Graphics boards. A lot of ethernet cards, modem cards and video board cards are shipped in the smaller ones.

The only down side I know about so far is that these boxes are cardboard, and thus not ferrit proof or water proof.

This ain't as cheap as yours, but it's a little more durable. I use big clear plastic boxes with adjustable dividers that are often sold as fly/hook/tackle boxes. I think a 14"X10" costs about $7 or $8 bucks. I just cut foam to line the bottom so the knives won't bounce around. The way I have it divided. I have storage for 4 AFCK size, 5 small AFCK size and 2 Spydie dragonfly size knives.

Just another suggestion, but you have another $7 or $8 bucks ahead for another knive.