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Nov 4, 1998
I am helping some friends move and fix up some property in Missouri, I will be in a little town called Ava. Being that i have lived in Alaska all my life i want to try and make the most ofthis trip. I know that I am going toboth the Blade show and the St Charles show, but are there any other places in MO I should visit? Any knife stores worth checking out? And custom makers there?

Also, as a life long Alaskan, I am used to living in an environment where, if you are going to die, you generally know it ahead of time because you can see it coming. There is a complete lack of poisonous bugs and snakes up here, but I have no experience in dealing with any of them. What kind of snakes are in Southern MO? What Kind of Spiders? Any other critters that I should be aware of down there? What kind of precautions should I take?


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Welcome to MO. Your friends have chosen a nice part of the state to live. Southern MO is home to many different creatures poisonous and otherwise. There are rattlesnakes, water moccasins, the occasional copperhead which are all poisonous. The incidents of bites is low, however. Don't put your hands or feet under rocks or fallen trees where you can't see and you'll be fine. None of the snakes or spiders in MO are predators to humans and are as anxious to avoid human contact as you are to avoid contact with them. There are many more varieties which are non-poisonous than there are poisonous. A basic rule of thumb is if it has a diamond shaped head there's a good chance it's poisonous. Unless you just have a thing about snakes you'll be fine by avoiding them all. Even the non-poisonous snakes will strike and bite if threatened and you really have to go out of your way to make one feel threatened. If you've reached this point and are bitten you were probably asking for it. There aren't too many poisonous spiders, black widows, brown recluse (sp?) are the only ones I'm familiar with. Although neither are deadly to healthy adults if treated immediately, their bites will be painful. The same applies pretty much for spiders as for the snakes, don't put your hands and feet anywhere where you can't see. The spiders especially like dark out of the way places to build their webs. I've been bitten by each and both times it was around old wood piles and was in Southern MO, I was also a child and didn't know better. I plan to be at the St. Charles show, also. I believe there may be a gathering of BladeForumites there which I plan to seek out. See a thread in this forum by Tom Carey. With regards to knife makers, you won't be far from Springdale, Arkansas which is home to A.G. Russell and to Bob Dozier. Case knives has a store in Lebanon, MO which is straight north of Ava. I hope you like to fish as there are many fishing opportunities in your area. You should also visit Bass Pro in Springfield, MO, it's a must see. They have a small selection of custom knives but you'll pay retail if you buy from the store. I hope this helps. Email me if you have other questions, I'll be happy to help and enjoy your stay.
Yep, Southern MO iz home to all them there varments...hehehe J/K.

I love Southern MO. I spent much of my child life in the Ozarks with my grandfather down at the lake. Oaklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Missouri, and Texas are my favorite places in the country. I don't know of anything other than what Mr. Bryant recommended, but I do know an excellent dealer here in Kansas City. Now, if you like to ride MX, or dirtbikes, I can give you lots of places all over MO. IF you do go waaaay down south, just as you cross into MO from ARK, in the Western most corner of MO, their are some AWESOME caves and beautiful property to see. Where are your friends moving from? -AR

P.S. Hope to see you at the St. Charles show.
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Jackyl,my friends are also Alaskans, but my friend's parents have spent alot of time elsewhere.

Thanks for all of the info guys. See ya at the show.