black surgical arkansas tri-hone

Oct 3, 1998
Wanted to post a public thank you to Larry Connelley for the Black Surgical Arkansas tri-hone sharpening system that I won in a monthly drawing by simply registering on his web site

Larry features some great looking custom knives as well as accessories including sharpening stones. I'm looking forward to his planned site expansion to feature cutting edge materials such as Talonite used in todays knives. Ought to be a great place to keep an eye on what new things makers are experimenting with!

His top-of-the-line sharpener is the system he delivered to me today. It features 3 8" bench stones mounted on a triangular piece of wood which nestles nicely in a solid cradle. The cradle also has an oil bottle holder recess.

Of the coarse, medium and fines stones, the standout is the deep rich black fine stone. The information shipped with the product indicates that this grade is quite rare (I'd heard of it before but had never seen it). The system is solid and offers some of the best natural honing stones available in an effective size for hand honing your knives to a razor edge.

Again, thanks Larry! This is an great product that I am sure will give me years of reliable use in helping me maintain my knives!


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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There goes that "b" thing again

-Greg Johnson

Way to go, Bob ! Now I need some of that "B" to work for me, so I can win this month's knife!! Greg, it's not a conspiracy, at least, not YET!
Sorry to break the B's winner circle but I won a few month ago also
. And it is a really great knife sharpener. If your looking for something for sharpening free hand this would be a really great buy.

Bob; don't expect that black Arkansas stone to do anything except polish the blade. It is really hard and slick. Walt
Walt, reminds me of the Spyderco ceramic 1200 grit ultafine bench stone except even finer. Use 'em to bring out that highly polished razor edge.