knifes and washing machines (Hey Pre Shreded Clothing :) ) not really

Apr 16, 1999
well I had just found my other Spyderco (rescue) next to the washing machine (the blade and the handel are alot cleaner then before) I was just wondering if it would be safe for the knife if it did go into the washing machine.

The only other story I heard of a knife going through the wash is in a recent gun magazine article by Masaad Ayoob, who says his little Cold Steel Tuf-lite folder is often forgotten in his pocket and has gone through the wash with no problem.

On some steels, like high-carbon tool steels, or ATS-34 or maybe even ATS-55 it MIGHT affect the steel if kept wet a long time.
I did the same with a SAK once...really cleaned the gunk out and shined it up
My sweetheart's Cricket had a good action when she bought it. That went to "very good" then "great" then "superb" after no fewer than three accidental trips through the wash. It was disassembled and cleaned each time for soap residue and acquired a few dings to the aluminum handles, but is probably the better for the experience. I do NOT recommend using this technique on all your knives


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I've had many blades go through the old washing machine over the years. After a thorough soaking with WD-40 none have shown any long term adverse effects.


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How else would you clean a knife?

Seriously though, the materials in a knife are made to withstand alot more abuse than they would get inside a washer and dryer. 30 to 60 minutes in water and heat shouldn't hurt them. Remember, we're talking about reasonable amounts of exposure and temperatures that are well under any molding temps for plastics. I also agree that a quick wipe-off with WD-40 or some other lubricant and a shot at the mechanism with the same will displace any leftover moisture.


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When I was a teenager my mother used to say I had the cleanest jacknife in town -- she was always finding it in the wash. It never did it any harm.

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Several years ago I was missing my Dalton CQC7 auto...I missed it untill I heard a loud clanging form the washing machine.

Sure enough, I left it in a pants pocket, the wife washed it..and the Dalton took a licking and kept ticking!I did W-0D 40 it inside and out, and the only problem was the handle anodizing on 1 side starting wearing very poorly. But I think the W-D 40 might have done it...not the wash powder!

Daltons' Auto's: Take a licking...Keep on flicking!!!