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Knives and Sex

Feb 9, 1999
GOTCHA.. well, now I have your attention!
I could take this topic anywhere I guess,Hmmmm,how could I say that without offending anyone? Probably can't....Its that first thought that counts!! No, David Rock its not about peanut butter.
Actually, lets hear if you have given a knife as a present? Or traded and came out on top. I always use them as presents! What have you given away and why? (didn't like it, bought it specifically as a gift for, ect.)
PS, Ever give your significant other a knife to distract her from the one you bought,keeps them from witholding evidence! hey, they all cost around $30.00...Right?

Edit...Keep it clean, please, imagination is a wonderful thing!!!
soory for the edits.

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Ha ha. Cute.

Okay, to answer the question...my wife is about to get a Spydie Calypso Jr (stainless) for her birthday. Its not so much to distract her from the knives I buy (I don't really own that many, and only on expensive one), but rather just because I'm trying to get her used to the idea of carrying a blade.
Tom Marker suggested a Busse Battle Mistress, but I think as a first step thats probably a bit much.

Added Bonus #1: you get to purchase stuff 'for' them that you're interested in ('Well, dear, I _know_ you liked that ring we saw at Kay Jewelers, but I thought you might like an Axis Lock instead.') of course, I think that would wear thin after a while.

Added Bonus #2: since they know that you're into knives, they'll sometimes buy stuff for you. Really, it can happen. My wife is buying me my Rescue98. Pretty cool, eh?

Added bonus #3: if you really ARE into knives and sex, you can use them to cut the ropes.

Not that I'd know, or anything. Yeah.


And in the Captain's chambers
they're gathered for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives
but they just can't kill the beast
Bought my fiance an Endura to carry in her purse. She saw the "Q" knife and thought it was "cute", so I got one for her at the last knife show I went to. Big points, and it was only $18!! I suggest everyone try it.
The "Q" is discontinued.....fyi


I don't believe in harming any living thing, so when a mosquito bites me on the arm, I just pet it..real hard and real fast

Got my wife a Wenger Swiss Army Knife ... she threw it in her purse and said thanks!

Got her a Spyderco Lady Bug, again she put it in her purse and said thanks. Then, she had the Lady Bug taken away from an airport security lady when we were going through the metal detectors to leave on a plane trip! Never did get it back. Then she said to me again, THANKS


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People

My GF has a Gigand Spectrum, the Stallion, a "Q", and a pearl Victornox. Next mo. she will have a Mini-Stryker. I'm really happy to finally see her take interest in knives. -AR
Bartman, you had me going there.

I was about to tell this story about a lady and a khukri but I won't as some might be offended by it.

I bought Sweetie a BM 850 (right model number) for X-mas, the one with the gorgeous anodized titantium bolster and ivory micarta handle, she loves it and carries it everywhere in her purse, even uses it form time to time. She loves the topgrade kitchen ware I bought, but was disconcerted to discover I actually keep the kitchen cutlerly sharp (why the call it cutlery, not clubbery?) I got the better end...she okayed my purchase of Bagwell Bowie and Randall #1, Axis Lock, whatever...a woman like that deserves a Tiffany's ring.

Oh, Tknife, little story for you...she went to one gun show w/ me and picked up a little stainless Walther TPH, racked the slide, dropped the hammer and put it down, posed and said "it's so cute." That one is a keeper.

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wife- purple BM Mini-Spike
brother-in-law - micarta Calypso Jr.
nephew, next-door neighbor - Micra's
friend who travels a lot- SAK (w/ corkscrew, of course). Also a Micra last Christmas.

Regarding Coronach's Bonus #3- EMT/bandage scissors are a much better way to go (or so I've been told)

Has anyone heard the superstition that _giving_ someone a knife means that the friendship/relationship will be severed? I used to work with a guy, an ol' Southern boy, who wouldn't give a knife away, but _would_ sell it for one cent.

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I gave a Benchmade 812sbt (mini AFCK) to my brother. Why? Because the serrations irritated me, and he didn't own anything of comparable quality.

I gave my wife a Spyderco Cricket. It's the only knife she has ever specifically wanted.

I gave my wife a couple of multi-tools, one of which she keeps in the car and the other in her purse. The first was a Gerber Multi-Plier, and the second was a Leatherman PST. She liked the PST due to its compact size, and I gave it to her when I upgraded to a SwissTool.

I gave a serrated Spyderco Delica to my brother in law, because he did me a favor and I wanted to replace it with the new and improved Delica '98.

(This list could get rather long, so I'll stop here.)

Folding knives: the gift you can open over and over again!

David Rock
Since my older brother is heavy into golf, I got him a Wenger Golf Pro(?) SAK. I gave my niece a Victorinox Classic for her keychain. And I gave my mother a Gerber EZ-Out Jr. plainedge, which she carries and uses for daily chores. I also gave her an old "Eagle" fully serrated Delica knockoff (sorry, fellow knife knutz, I bought it a looooong time ago before I knew better). She uses the serrated blade out in the garden doing light gardening work. Unfortunately, I don't presently have a girlfriend/wife to give any knives to. Great idea, though, and maybe I'll try it when the opportunity comes!
I bought my wife a cute little "mouse knife" a few years back at a local gun show. She tucked it in her purse with the mini-leatherman I bought her the year before. I got tired of her always asking "May I borrow your knife?" I started asking, "Where's yours?" "In my purse." she would always answer. So I started asking "Why is it in your purse? You carry your Glock in your fanny pack, why not your knife?" I think it took the advent of a "pretty" knife to make her see the light. Since I bought my Purple Mini SOCOM, she has been even more interested in a "carry knife" She ooh'd and ahh'd at it, an MOD Lady Hawk, and a Benchmade Leopard with GREEN anodized handles. I finally ordered the Lady Hawk and gave her the option of owning it or the Mini SOCOM. She chose the Lady Hawk (which is tucked into her fanny pack with the Glock) and now she wants "something bigger" for when she wears her jeans. The Green handled Leopard is on the way!
About not giving knives away to friends:

I have actually heard that is a fairly widespread belief/superstition...that giving a knife wounds a friendship. Apparently it is european in origin, especially British.

Euros? Any truth? I'm an anglophile in a big way (being of strong british descent), but if it is indeed a Brit tradition, its one my family managed to shed, along with love of greasy pub food (thank God. But we kept the love of ale. again, thank God).


And in the Captain's chambers
they're gathered for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives
but they just can't kill the beast
Did you hear the one about the fat lady,the peanut butter and the Kabar Warthog?

I once borrowed a girlfriends(just met 2 days previous) Triumph TR6,and had a Buck 110 fall out of my pocket, I didn't miss it for several days, enjoyed speeding around in her car! Am I dating myself?
...anyway, when I asked if she had found a knife, she said yes! But,that I couldn't have it back,finders keepers! The knife cost $20.00 in those days.YIKES....So to make along story shorter, she said, she would trade me something for it! When I asked,what? "You'll See" she said...Never will forget Donna,that Triumph,and that Buck!!!

Wonder if she still has that BUCK?
you're right. Some people have the belief that giving away a knife as a present "will cut the friendship".
I dunno if this superstition is of British origin, it's known here in Germany, too.
But there is of course a way to circumvent the problem !
Give the future proud knifeownwer a cent/penny/pfennig along with the knife. He returns the coin to you. So the knife is not a present but he "buys" it from you.
Take care,
I don't consider myself a collector, just someone who wants that perfect knife...
Consequently, I have given knives out to training partners and friends (after testing the locks) when I know I won't be using those particular knives. Given out: 2 Apaches, Mirage, MOD Tempest. I have sold a BM Stryker and an AFCK. I will likely pass on my REKAT Carnivour on to my friend and training partner when I get it since I ordered a custom model from Crawford.

I should mention these relationships are not one way streets. They also do things for or give things to me.

Or something like that.
I once gave a Spydie"Q" away, to a friend. They told me it had some peanut butter stuck in the cut outs!!!
When I saw the title of this topic, I thought somebody had figured out my secret sharpening method, Nah, never mind. Won't go there.

What ye need is a Grrreeat Rrround Haggis n' a dram a' Glenn Fiddich! Tha' Britisher''s tripe'll kill ye!

You mean
You had bad luck,
and lost your Buck
but in return, received,
a gratuitous...
PRESENT from your girlfriend?

I never give a knife away, I always demand the smallest change in pocket and if they have none at the time, their credits good.
This is NOT superstition, just that if they cut their selves, they didn't do it with a present from me, they did it with a knife that THEY bought. (There is a difference.)

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!