Knives are now art.

Oct 16, 1998
Jerry Fisk has been named the new "NATIONAL LIVING TREASURE".
Knife craft has been raised to art status by
uncle sam.The same as painting,sculpture,photography-ect.


You mean somebody is paying attention besides us knife nuts? Bout time!
no no no no.....

Knives are tools.....or weapons.
Anything not made to cut, stab or chop is not a knife.
Art is for the other senses . Knives are to use....
Yeah, can have using knives that are "artistic".....but they are not "art" as in "art for the sake of art".
And don't get me going on "Fantasy Knives".

Tools....weapons , OK ?

- But only just.

Brian W E
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Honest officer, I am going to hang it in my den...


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The late Joseph Campbell, in the first volume of his World Atlas of Mythology, said that the appearance, about half a million years back, of a symetrical hand axe is the oldest surviving example of human artistic expression, since it was made to look better than it had to look to do the job.


It's an art....with various designs and embellishments and yet it's fully functional....that's why I like it so much.

Joe Leung
I agree with Brian. My brother, nice guy that he is, knows I like knives so for every birthday and Christmas he gives me one of those Franklin Mint "knives".
I've hinted at it, but can't bring myself to tell him to stop.
They are not knives! They are knifely shaped Knick-Knacks. I don't even bother to sharpen them. However any well-made, perfectly functioning knife IS a work of art.
(at least to me)
Does this mean I can apply to the Endowment for the Arts for a grant to buy my shop equipment?

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

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Hey David you got the idea.
With Jerry getting this award knifemakers can now apply to the National Endowment for The Arts for grants to better their art.
Grants for schooling, equipment,studio space ect.

I have to agree that a well-designed, well-made knife is art. In any throughly thought out design there are elements of both creativity and science which make that design desirable to view, handle and use. A design lacking either of these components will feel "dead" in the hand, and will not function as well as the more complete design. In knives as in automobiles, the basic function is only a platform on which the maker expresses his/her vision of the world, and the nature of his/her interaction with it. The appreciation of these expressions by others offers the makers gratifying, if secondary, validation of the worth of the design and execution of their visions.

At least that's what I tell my wife when she asks why I bought ANOTHER knife...

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