Knives as Fashion Accessories, part II


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Oct 2, 1998
I went to Target last night to pick up some sundries, and what do I see at the checkout line? A knife clip sticking out 17 year old cashier's pocket.

Thinking immediately of the previous thread, I asked if I could see the knife. She had good taste too: it was a CRKT Mirage, not a bad knife for someone who didn't have a lot of money to spend. We chatted up knife topics for a little while, and she really liked the Emerson Commander and EDI Genesis that I had in my pockets, so hopefully there is yet another burgeoning knifenut out there, bolstered in her beliefs.


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maybe i should make some earrings out of knives...know that would hurt!
Get some Spyderco Ladybugs for earrings. They aren't that heavy. I've seen regular earrings bigger than Ladybugs.

how much do the ladybugs cost?

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Playing "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" is a dangerous game. Especially with 17 year old knife-totin' cashiers.
Trust me.
Belle, Belle du jour/noit. About $25 or less. On the ladybugs. Or for real small, there's the Gerber Micro LST about $12 about 3in open.
Perhaps the CRKT Peck as an earring. They're probably a bit heavy, but they'd be a great and useful conversation piece.
Of course, they're in the region of $25 each.
does anyone have pics of these small knives? or know where i can find some?

hey u know french? and what's this mean du jour/noit?
does anyone have pics of these small knives? or know where i can find some?

hey u know french? and what's this mean du jour/noit?
Liza, Smokey Mountain Knife Works has tons of little novelty knives that would make great earings and they`re really cheap too. Their web site`s at and their catalogs are free! Neat idea about the knives for earings,I`ve never seen that done. I did have a girlfriend many years ago that use to wear her house and car key on earing hooks. I made her a set out of tiny wrenches for Valentines day and she loved them!
What do you folks think about tie-clips that look like knives? I've seen two small ones at my local cutlery shop and they look like small, partially opened folders (the other has one blade and the other has two smaller blades, one at each end of the knife), but the blades can't be moved. They even have mother of pearl scales.

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Plus the ladybugs only weigh less then a ounce, if I'm remembering correctly. Sometimes you can still find the red, blue, and pink ones.
I was at the local computer store (Fry's Electronics) buying Tactical Knives (gotta love California -- the computer stores have comdoms, junk food and knife mags!).

At the counter I'm ready to get the usual strange looks when they see what I'm buying. Instead the gal ringing me up says "Knives? You know guns are much better!" and the guy next to her (training her?) says "Nah, a gun may not kill you. A knife WILL kill you!" They both chuckled and I was on my way. Strange.

What about Spydie tie clasps?
Did they have a pin?

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Miniature knives may be the ticket for you. Many could be hung on a necklace. Unfortunately, those who collect miniatures don't seem to have much of a web presence. You can check the Knives 'XX series of books; Ken Warner (editor) usually has a section on miniatures.

By the way, if some day you're feeling really "tactical" and need the right knife accessory to complete your look, see “Hey Rambo, lose this?” in the Knives For Sale/Trade: Individual forum.
Funny thing - not long after this thread started, I found some little tiny knives at a flea market. They were so cute, I purchased 3 (earrings and necklace). For 1.50 each it wasn't much, and I couldn't resist buying them.

No, in case you're wondering, they're not for me - they're for the other knife nut in the family. These little folders just said BUY ME.