Knives as fashion accessories?

Feb 1, 1999
hey people...i don't know if most of you think of knives as fashion accessories but i think i've started something on my campus! haha
yesterday i was wearing my knife for the first time because i finally got the clip on it. well i showed my friend, cynthia, and she asked if she could wear it tomorrow(which is today). so i was like ok. so today she is wearing my knife and i'm feeling like my knife has turned into a piece of jewelry! so we've both decided we feel cool wearing the knife...i'm just glad it's mine 'cause i miss it already!

I always joke with my girlfriend that I am "accessorizing" when deciding which knife to take with me for the day. Usually I get a sigh and rolling of the eyes in response.

Maybe manufacturers could look into coloured clips???


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I'm not so sure about the color clip idea, but do have different knives for different occassions and attire. However, I don't think knives have the same appreciation here at my liberal peace-lovin' college in Ct.
Knives as fashion. Lizabelle, can I call you Belle? Back in the early 90s SAKs were cheaper and I saw more women carry them than men. I found it funny that some considered it as mean a tool in cutting as a Spyderco. Occasionally, you will see the bear claw or crucfix knife. Real small generic folders.
Around here, a lot of ladies carry pepper spray or kubotans, almost cult like.

On a side note, I have a balisong pen made to look like a brass push button pen. For some strange reason, a lot of ladies like it. Perhaps because it's slender?

Anyhow, keep your Calypso and check out the legendary Photon IIs

I don't think I could get away with wearing a knife as a fashion accessory. Perhaps a KISS as a conversation piece, but if I started wearing a knife openly I'm sure the police would take exception.

The only thing I actually carry so people can see it is my Gerber multitool, which is utilitarian enough to impress the Bosses and not flashy enough to draw Bad Attention from security/police/whatever.
I also like to carry the `appropriate' knife depending on my clothes. Gents folder with a business suit; tactical folder (or fixed blade) with fatigues or a stag handled `traditional' with camp gear.
My friends refer to pieces in my collection as either `town' or `country'.
But I don't think the knife has to be seen (in fact, I'd rather it NOT be)in order to be a fashion accessory - kind of like fancy underwear - you just know it's there.... Ed E

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You might have to start selling Spyderco's on campus. I have an engraved Spyderco Pegasus thats my church knife. You could start your own sorority. Phi Gamma Slicer or something.
I'd be going into withdraws if I let someone else carry my knives all day.
You're a tool-using animal, and there's no reason to hide the fact.

How about a good-looking, maybe decorated, paring-knife size fixed blade, in a dangler sheath from the belt, or hanging from the strap outside a purse?

Or would there be a market for better-looking aftermarket pocket clips to fit common "sport-utility" folders?

And why shouldn't peace loving liberals carry knives too?

I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt person at work and play. But I am conscious of what I'm wearing and what I'm carring, and time allowing, I always try to match them.
I don't do color coordinating since most of what I wear is black, but cutlery-clothes-coordinating is a must.
'Generally at play', 5" folder and a shorter folder - the Zytel/G-10 look.
'Generally at work', 3" folder
, and sometimes paired with a cute mini folder. - the G-10/micarta look.
'Expecting 'fecal to the fan' action(rarely)', a fixed blade shoulder rig or a belt level fixed blade rig, and a 'generally at play' combo. - the what the Hell is he supposed to be?! look.
See, I've got my personal feel-good fashion formula

Sorry James, i might have inappropriatly generalized my fellow students. However, i do know that most students here are non-knife people, and anything sharper than, say, a pencil, tends to scare them. In fact, when some students found out i knew martial arts and carried i knife, i heard that i was being referred to as "Public Safety Kim."
I go to another of the liberal institutions of learning in the New England area(see e-mail address for hint
I always have my Stryker in my jeans, and will be carrying the Viele when long sleeves are needed. Among my friends, the question "Doean anyone have a knife?", has become "Aaron... ?". You wouldn't believe how many people can't use a linerlock though.
ps I have noticed that in the circles in which I circulate, knives are more common, might have something to do with sculpture and theater work, but with coumpter science?!

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Ha ha, i definitely understand Aaron. I'm not too surprised about the comptuer programmers. Here, some of my knife cohorts here are either computer majors, or will probably be. My girlfriend is going to a mainly engineering school in NY, and often I end up talking to her friends there about knives... can't say much for english and philosophy majors though (with exceptions, of course).

And yes, liner locks (and thumb studs) seem more complicated than diaspora to some of my friends. Maybe i should get an axis? But the $$$!! If only we didn't have to buy all those darn books! I wish we could get full prices back on them to: "But sir! They haven't even been used!"


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i don't find very many people here at school who are into knives either. i've seen some guys carrying them and even have had them asking about mine, but they don't collect or know much about them. but then again either do it! =)
Belle, the people in this school know about and carry knives. Go figure.