KniVES for living off the land in jungle or wilderness

OK - There have been some threads about what KNIFE to choose in given survival situations. Usually the topic poster limits you to ONE blade. I have a different request:

This is the situation: You are in the 'boones' (hilly countryside, wilderness, or jungle, take your pick [for me - it's the jungle]) and have to 'live off the land' for several months or more. (Forget the reason you're there. You can figure that out while you're feasting on critters, vegies and bugs.) You can have as many blades as you want, but you also have to carry them on your person in case of the need to move to other areas. (Ideally you have a pack with clothes, survival kit, etc.)

How many blades would you take, what are they, and what would the purpose be for each? (If you're going to add the weight of the blade, there should be some specific purpose for doing so, right?)

Thanks for answering!

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Feb 4, 1999
For me it would be the following:
1) Leatherman tool of some sort- for whatever!
2) Himalayan Imports khukuri-for chopping chores.
3) A foldable shovel for digging.
4) A fixed blade knife with 4-5" blade length and skelotinized handle (for lighter weight)-for the usual camp chores that can't be handled as well by a big knife.
5) A 12" blade Ross Aki machete for vines and clearing softer vegetation. Superlight and SUPER useful!
6) Something to sharpen it all with!
7) Spyderco Endura- lightweight and good for just about everything.

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For me it'd be swamp. I'd still keep my Project 1 as it has proven itself in that environment. I use it for everything.

I've been thinking about a custom hatchet or machete too. By custom I mean a piece designed by myself, not just what some guy who charges a billion $ for a pocket knife thought up.

Knife and machete or knife and hatchet would work; I wouldn't want hatchet and machete. any of the three will work on it's own, but there's less call for a hatchet over a machete or knife in a swap.
I would take 3.
A leatherman, a good hunting/tactical with about a 6" blade, and either a machete, or a khukri
Two: One piece knife from Chris Reeve and multiblade from Victorinox or Venger
Great question, RJ.

Right now, my choices would be:

1. a 6.5" Warhawk from Trace Rinaldi in either BG-42 or Talonite, full flat grind, titanium scales on the handle... this would be my heavy duty knife for constructing shelters, building traps & snares, personal defense, gathering firewood for drying & cooking

2. a 3" Talonite Cetan from Rob Simonich, again with titanium scales... this would be my personal carry knife, with me at all times, to take care of game/food preparation

3. a Chris Reeve small Sebenza... my other "with me every second of the day knife"... very potent and rugged cutting tool that carries well and adds almost no weight

4. Leatherman SuperTool... rugged, many utilitarian uses... best of the breed of pocket tools (IMHO)

With these 4 tools (and even with any one of them) I'd feel confident in my equipment... the only wild card in the situation would be me (decision making, etc.). Operator error would let me down long before any equipment failure!

Granfors Bruks Felling Axe

Granfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Barteaux 12 or 18 inch heavy duty machete

Belt Knife: Wicked LP or BHB, Spyderco Moran

And my Sebenzas if I couldn't bear to let them go....

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