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Knives in Australia?

Oct 17, 1998
In a few days time I will be pakking my backs and heading Down Under for a work/travel holiday. While there I would like to chech out Australian knifemakers, knifeshow and quality knife stores.

If you know of when there will be a knife show in Australia; if you know of a knifemaker worth visiting; or if you know a knifestore worth cheking out, please let me know. I'd love to check them out!

Thanks mates!

There are two I can think of I would visit where I going. The two are Bruce Crawley and Peter Del Raso. If you want their contact info address phone number etc. email me and I will send it. Peter has very little equipment but does fantastic work. Bruce does some very unique and gorgous work. Also you might want to latch onto a few blanks of some of the hardwood they have there as well as Abalone. The maker's there are a very tight nit group and both those folks can hook you up with others. Also both were recently in an article in I think Blade Magazine. The article was about makers in Austraila. I would check that out before you leave.


Tom Carey
If you are in Sydney, check out Mick Smith's Sports at the top of George St in the CBD.
He usually has a good selection.
Although I did hear a rumour that he was thinking of closing because the gun laws were crippling business and the more recent knife laws were not helping, either.
BTW....carefull with knife carry! In some states (including NSW and Queensland) the onus is on you to prove you had a legitimate reason to carry. Stating "defence" is like pleading guilty to evil intent.
Not far from where I live, a young man was recently convicted on a weapons charge for carrying an SAK.
He did have a record for drugs and violence.
The secret is to be low profile and to look respectable. In NSW, police can stop and search if they suspect you might be carrying.
Usually it happens to young males of "charisma" in known trouble spots.
Enjoy your visit, except for the paranoia in regard to weapons, this is a nice country.

Brian W E
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I live in Sydney. E-mail me if I can help you in any way.

As Brian said, I'm sure you will have a good time here.

Take care,

Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

Australia has a Guild you may want to try to get in touch with them for a list of knifemakers.
If you are around Perth, just south of there is Thomas Gerner. I have worked with him a bit. A good honest knife from a good honest man.
Thank you all! This is great information.

Haven't recieved the Blade with the story on Australian knifemakers yet. They usely take some time to get to Europe. I hope I will recieve my issue before I leave.