Knives in Movies: "Blade"& "Pay Back"

Oct 27, 1998
Anyone notice the knife in the movie "Blade", his mother uses it to derobe him before putting him in the blood chamber...I think it was an auto Benchmade(not sure of the model). And it looks like Mel uses some model of a Spyderco in "Pay Back" when he climbs under the gangters' car and cuts the fuel line. All you can see is the blade, but I thought I saw an oversized thumb hole.

I believe the knife from the movie "Blade" is a Benchmade model 3500. I think.....
Just got back from "Payback".
Looks to me like that Spyderco was a Delica?? How about the butterfly knife used by the bad guy, looked to me like a Benchmade.
The knife in Blade is the Benchmade Mel Pardue 3500, no question.
The bad guy in Payback with the butterfly knife is Jeff Imada and he is the real deal. Very bad man with a blade.
Hey....any info onthe custom folder used by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the movie "The Edge"? That movie epitomized how useful a knife didn't even need sharpening. Must have been BG42.


Thanks Lewis, I thought that was Jeff Imada with some additional facial hair
And I can spot a BM bali at 100 paces, yes, that was indeed either a BM or a Pacific Cutlery, could've been either considering how many Mr. Imada has at his disposal.


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Kodiak PA,
The knife in "The Edge" is made by Brian Lyttle. The blade is 3 3/4 inches long and made of ATS-34, closed length is about 4 1/2 inches long. The handle material is ivory. I think he made a limited number of these for sale to the public.
I'll look up the contact info, if you want it.

Hope this helps,

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I've seen Spydercos in Anaconda (a Delica), Point of No Return (A stainless Delica, or...?) Black Dog (Delica or Endura), Millennium (Delica or Endura). Other knives, other places: X-Files (Mulder's E-Z Out Jr.), The Avengers (AFCK, Military, or Police?), Demon Knight (Benchmade Balisong?) The Big Brawl (Pacific Cutlery Balisong??), Out of Sight (Spyderco Jess Horn??),Martial Law (Victorinox? Swiss Army), *something-and-something in Las Vegas (starring Johnny Depp; featured a Buck 110 or 112). And of course we've all seen Titanic (bet those guys pulling their jackknives open with their teeth to cut the ropes coulda used a modern, serrated tactical folder!) Seen any others? Jeez, I needs me a life, I do! Jim
How about SWITCHBACK, with Danny Glover? Had a couple of knives in it.A big bowie,and I
think a timberline folder?
Years ago I saw a movie with I think, Peter Coyote. Think some covert tactical knife dude killed his wife? So he decides to enter the world of Knife Combat..Trains with a master in the art.. Cool scene where he goes to buy his fighting knife, Picks a Randall, if I remember correctly..They carry there knives in shoulder harness under there arms.This movie was the first time I ever saw a Spyderco, Police model, all stainless. Some bad guy flicked it out, by grabing the hole with the thumb and index, and flicking the handle."Gotta have one" I said! Then he sliced some guy up..YIKES.. This movie was set in Rio, or Mexico? It was a serious drama, not a chan type. Out in maybe the early eighties..If you know this one you are a knife movie expert!!Post it..
I believe the movie you are referring to is Exposure. That is what it was called here. I believe it was called Butterfly overseas though.

If you could e-mail the contact info to me that would be great.
I used to have the article and all but lost it in the move back to the states.

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Glenn, THATS IT, thanks a bunch, been hunting for that one for awhile...Kudos dude!
Now I can find the video.... does anyone else have any good knife movies to suggest?
Just remembered a couple more movies with knives in 'em. The Fan (Robert DeNiro is a knife salesman. The folders are obviously Spydercos, probably Delicas's been a while). I think I saw a couple of Micro-Techs in a case in The Replacement Killers...weren't used, though. Oh, and the Johnny Depp film I mentioned earlier was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Can't say these are "good" films, necessarily. An interesting movie featuring fencing was an Eric Roberts movie, By The Sword. Jim
James Y,
You're are quite the movie buff, but I think the MTs in The Replacement Killers...was only one Socom in a briefcase that they showed from multiple angles as to fool us in their weapon inventory. Not a bad movie! By the way good calls in your previous posts!

Thanks, Salmon! As to Bartman's question, I just came back from Payback. I don't know. I guess I'd recommend waiting 'til it comes out on video. It's all right, I suppose. Jim
I'd have to give "Payback" my endorsement, I always pull for the underdog! Mel pulls off being a bad @#* and quite clever while doing so...compromise and see it as a matenee(sp?).
"Fear and Loathing in LV...had to walk out, didn't know Tim Leary that well.