knives stores near Disneyland

Oct 4, 1998
I'm going to Disneyland soon. Any good knife stores in the area?

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There is a knife store in Brea Mall which is just 5 miles North of the Disneyland exit.
If you pay at stores with a credit card, watch for them to slip something extra into your bag at the counter. Happened to me at the Giant Orange looking convenience store near Disneyland. Hopefully the knife store folks will be better than that!

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Whoops. My info was for Disneyworld. Oh well.

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Was he talking Disneyland or Disneyworld. One is in Fla. the other is in CA.
There is a store near the "RIPPLYES BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM" I think it's called(say with aussie accent) "that's not a knife, This IS a knife". they only sell one of a kinds below is a link to my favorite

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Well, if you're talking about Disneyland in Anaheim then there's a great knife store not too far away. Its Plaza Cutlery in the South Coast Mall. About a 15-20 minute drive from Disneyland.



I'm going to Disneyland in California. Sorry for any confusion

It easier to get forgiveness than permission
A note about Plaza'll find everything at list price. I've bought a Benchmade Ascent/Eclipse and a SwissTool there. The SwissTool was $ 80, then a week later I saw it for sale at Fry's Electronics for $ 56.

Anyone ever get a discounted price there? Maybe I'm not negotiating hard enough! But, AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I will never buy at list price again..
Gester, I think the place that Txlazer is thinking of, is Walker '47 at Hobby City 1238 S. Beach Blvd. #G in Anaheim. The store is a Old West store, but they do have knives there. Most of witch are custom, I think.

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I noticed the price tag at Fry's Electronics for the Swiss Tool. That's within pocket change of what other dealers pay to buy them wholesale. Same thing with Leatherman tools. In that sort of price war, I surrender.

I'll second the suggestion to check out Plaza Cutlery. They have a reputation for good variety, including a bunch of custom knives, and good product knowlege. Your mileage may vary of course.

They used to sponsor the annual fall custom knife show in Orange County, until a couple of years ago when they sold it to Krause Publications and it became Blade Show West.

No, they're not discounters. It costs money to have a large inventory in stock at a place where you can walk in at retail hours. If you walk in and check out a bunch of knives, you should probably buy something there too.

Truth is, if you are interested in a custom and they have it won't be much over the cost you may get it for somewere else. On the manufactured stuff, however, they can be pricey and with the large quantities of knives I buy, every penny counts.